Virtual Selling: Interacting with Current and Prospective Customers

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Virtual selling has been a part of what sales professionals do, for a long time. "Snail Mail", the telephone, conference calls and email, have been and continue to be key tools for establishing and maintaining customer relationships. With the onset of the global pandemic, virtual tools have become the mainstay for keeping current customers, finding new customers and growing any business.

Many sales teams have adopted activities for the pandemic period with the view that things will return to a situation resembling a pre-pandemic normal. However, progressive teams have figured out that greater effectiveness in virtual selling will be a requirement for growth-oriented companies and their salespeople, in the future. Properly planned and executed virtual selling approaches will significantly enhance sales coverage and results, while offering buyers the speed of response and experiences they increasingly demand.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • How organizations buy and who's involved
  • Defining value in your customer's terms
  • The increasing importance of a sales process/methodology
  • A framework for effective virtual selling
  • Taking care of existing customers, virtually
  • Finding new customers via the Internet
  • Discovery and presentations redefined for video calls
  • Building relationships...virtually
  • Closing a virtual sale; asking for a commitment
  • Customer success in the new normal

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

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