Developing Your Supply Chain Plan

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Supply chain challenges can be very common - especially during periods of economic crisis. This course will explore the strategic and tactical aspects of a supply chain plan. Participants will assess the key components of the supply chain, understand the questions to ask, and recognize the resources needed.

In addition to understanding the supply chain plan process, participants will begin the development of a supply chain plan that addresses a supply chain issue experienced by their organization. It will not be a generic plan - participants will learn how to design a supply chain plan that is aligned and customized to their organizational product or service.

Though interactive discussion, breakout working sessions and real-world case scenarios, participants will delve into supply chain planning and walk away with the groundwork for the creation of a supply chain plan for their organization.

Training Subsidy Available!
This course supports the mandate and vision of the Husky Centre of Excellence in Sales and Supply Chain Management. The centre recognizes the value of this course to the supply chain and sales community and is providing a $150 training subsidy to participants who register.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Review examples of effective supply chain plans and evaluate whether your organization requires one.
  • Consider how to size your plan to be appropriate to your organization's needs and specific product and/or service.
  • Utilize the resources of the internal and external supply chain tool kit.
  • Begin the foundational development of a supply chain plan for your organization.
  • Evaluate assessment tools to measure your plan over time to ensure it is working or requires adjustment.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

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