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Digital and Social Media Metrics, Measurement and Analytics

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Digital and Social Media Metrics, Measurement and Analytics
Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your organizations digital and social media investments by deploying the correct tools and measurement techniques.
Social Media, Metrics and Measurement


Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your organizations digital and social media investments by deploying the correct tools and measurement techniques.

Identifying the correct measures and understanding the best tools to evaluate these measures adds to the overall success of your organization’s digital and social media strategy. Having the tools in place to evaluate the effectiveness of your digital and social media deployments enables you to continue investing in the techniques that are working, and modify those techniques that may not be performing at an optimal level. It is not enough to generate reports about your digital and social media deployment. It is important to use these reports to drive changes in your tactical deployment plan and improve the execution. In essence, it is critical that organizations measure what matters and are making what matters measurable!

This Metrics, Measurement & Analytics Seminar focuses on providing participants with the knowledge and skills to allow them to evaluate their organization’s digital and social media deployments. This seminar is designed to ensure that organizations are measuring the correct items; using the appropriate free and paid tools to provide the actionable information needed and that the appropriate individuals in the organization have access to and the capability to act on the data.

This seminar includes six, 3-hour modules:

Module 1:  Metrics & Measurement Strategy

Executing on a Digital and Social Media Strategy is not enough, you need to ensure that it is working effectively. This module focuses on WHAT should be measured and WHY to ensure your metrics are consistent with your strategy.

Module 2:  Metrics & Meassurement Tool

Metrics and measurement will only be effective if they are ‘easy’: easy to obtain, easy to report, and easy to understand. In this module, participants will be introduced to a variety of tools that allow you to track metrics, and assist in evaluation.

Module 3:  Google Analytics 

This module covers the proper deployment and utilization of Google Analytics, the most powerful FREE tool available to organizations today. Not only does it provide data and insights for your website, but your social media and in-store interactions.

Module 4:  Social Media Analytics 

This module helps to ensure that your social media goals are achieved through utilization of the tools included in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as aggregators such as Simply Measured and Hootsuite to benchmark against your competitors.

Module 5:  Social Listening Tools

This module will provide guidance on the appropriate tools to monitor conversations not only about your organization and brand, but also about your competition for market intelligence so you can respond and engage effectively.

Module 6:  Acting on the Analysis

This module will provide you with the information needed to not only develop an effective audit plan, but to have the mechanisms in place to act appropriately to make the necessary improvements in Digital and Social Media deployments.

This seminar is part of the Digital and Social Media Program. 

Participant Feedback:

“Brilliant! All around great hands on and off learning experience. Left the three-day seminar with a lot of work to do/improvements to make on our sites and social media outlets." Evan Smith, Beaufort Solutions

"This course exceeded my expectations.  An incredible opportunity for those working in/with all aspects of digital and social media to engage in intensive knowledge building in our ever-changing field.” Sarah Cook, Paint Shop

“Lyle has a way of teaching everyone from the most novice to the most experienced digital marketer. It has been a pleasure to take his seminars as part of the Digital and Social Media Program.” Cassandra Abbott, Virtual Marine Technology

“Eye-opening to the available tools and how thay are being used or not used in our company.” Chris Healey, Seafair Capital




For Individuals

  • Learn what the correct metrics and measurements are for different goals and objectives and which tools are best for monitoring
  • Be able to take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Google Analytics and Social Media monitoring tools to ensure timely access to data for an efficient response
  • Learn what tools and techniques can help you monitor appropriate conversations across your channels as well as other public digital and social media channels

For Organizations

  • Understand the appropriate metrics and measurement techniques for supporting your organizational strategy
  • Ensure that everyone in the organization that needs ready access to key data has the access and the skills to execute on their findings
  • Understand the importance of an audit plan in guiding and directing changes in the organizations tactical deployment plan
  • Understand the importance of an audit plan in developing or refining an appropriate digital and social media strategy

Who Should Attend

Anyone within an organization who needs to make strategic or tactical decisions regarding digital or social media deployments including management at all levels; content creators; web development and maintenance team members; social media team members; and customer response teams.


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 A laptop or tablet is recommended for this session. 

Participants will also be granted access to several free DSMP Online courses as well as premium courses valued at several hundred dollars. 

A laptop or tablet is recommended for this semianr. 

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 18

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