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Employment Law for Managers

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Employment Law for Managers
Learn the key employment laws that protect the rights of your employees and create a better employee/employer relationship.
Learn Employment Law, Training on Employment Law, HR Training, HR Certificate

Learn the key employment laws that protect the rights of your employees and create a better employee/employer relationship.

Employment Law for Managers is designed to help participants ensure fair treatment of employees and avoid costly legal action.  The seminar explains the legal rights of employees in the areas of contract employment, harassment, discrimination, hiring, termination, discipline, pay equity, employment standards, and other employment practices.  Participants will gain knowledge of current provincial and federal employment law and statutes, employment standards legislation, human rights legislation, health and safety legislation, and worker’s compensation legislation.  The seminar explains how the legal jurisdiction and associated employment law impacts recruitment, selection, and employment contracts.  The issue and process of probation, termination, and constructive dismissal is explained for both a union and non-union work environment.  Situational practice exercises are used to guide participants through the process of identifying which and how employment laws apply in different circumstances. 

This is a module in the Human Resource Professional Program.


For Individuals

  • Improve your understanding of employment law
  • Improve employee relations
  • Understand the relationship between discipline and training
  • Enhance understanding of labour standards
  • Understand how the law applies in union and non-union environments

For Organizations

  • Improve workplace climate
  • Protect employee rights
  • Avoid workplace conflict
  • Introduce techniques to help employees through disciplinary action
  • Minimize legal action and expense
  • Introduce industry best practices

Who Should Attend

Business owners, managers, supervisors and human resource professionals.


Build your competencies in employment law through professional development in:

  • Understanding the liability in the employment relationship
  • Reviewing the laws of employment practices including: contract employment; hiring/ termination; discipline; harassment; discrimination; pay equity; occupational health and safety; and labour standards
  • Ensuring that federal and provincial legislation is adhered to in your organization
  • Understanding the effect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the employment relationship

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 14

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