Developing a Human Resource Plan *ONLINE*

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October 20, 2022 - October 21, 2022

Delivered virtually October 20-21, from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm NST.

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Learn a process for developing an effective human resource plan to ensure that your organization has the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs.

Developing a Human Resource Plan guides participants through a step-by-step process for developing a human resource plan that includes: staffing, forecasting, performance management, compensation, and employee development. Participants will learn how the human resource plan links to the organizational strategic plan and contributes to employee morale and overall organizational success.

The seminar explains a process for assessing current and future human resource challenges and how to use recruitment, succession planning and retention strategies to address these issues. Participants will learn how to prioritize issues and develop strategic staffing solutions. The seminar also teaches the process of developing action plans for successfully communicating, executing, and monitoring the human resource plan.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Generate support for the process of human resource planning and learn techniques for integrating the human resource plan into the business strategies
  • Learn strategies to improve performance management
  • Learn how to better develop a plan to attract, retain, and develop employees
  • Learn how to identify and manage gaps in existing human resources and increase your HR planning skills to close the gaps and contribute to the success of the organizational strategy

This is a module in the Human Resource Professional Program.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7


Lynn Morrissey

Lynn Morrissey has over 25 years' experience as a facilitator, consultant, and educator. She has taught academic courses in communications, organizational behaviour, and human resources at the Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University, in St. John's, NL. She has received many awards for her contributions including the Dean's Teaching Award, the Dean's Service Award, the Dean's Citizenship Award, the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching, and the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Lynn has a long-standing relationship with Gardiner Centre, instructing professional development seminars that focus on various fields of workplace culture and communications, and facilitation skills. Lynn consults in organizational effectiveness and human resource management and works regularly with organizations on a variety of strategic initiatives. Her experience includes leading performance review processes, writing harassment prevention strategies, conducting workplace culture reviews, facilitating strategy sessions, and executive coaching.

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