Cybersecurity for Everyone

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Protect your data and your organization against hackers and cyber criminals.

In order to secure your data, systems, and networks, cybersecurity needs to be top of mind, both at home and at work. With cyber attacks on the rise, the most effective solution to preventing these attacks is to reduce human error through basic training and education in cybersecurity. 

This one-day, interactive session is designed for everyone and is relevant to employees at every level of the organization, from entry level to C-suite. Participants will increase their understanding of cybersecurity threats and gain a better understanding of the best practices required to develop personal and professional cybersecurity competency. During the session, participants will explore ways to recognize and defeat cyber attacks with better understanding of the ways hackers attack people, data and systems to inform cyber-incident response planning. Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility - strengthen the human firewall around your organization.

Get up to speed on the hot topic of cybersecurity and cyberattack prevention by diving into the fascinating world of hackers and cybercriminals. 

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the role that everyone in an organization can play in cybersecurity
  • Examine how cybercriminals use deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information
  • Identify ways to protect yourself against scams and fraud
  • Summarize simple but effective techniques to prevent high-tech attacks (e.g. hacking)
  • Explore software, hardware and service recommendations that will enhance personal and organizational cybersecurity
  • Create a cyber-incident response plan which will help all members of the organization understand their roles before, during and after an incident.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

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