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Evaluate and design compensation plans to attract and retain the best talent.

Compensation plans impact an organization's recruitment and retention strategies. In fact, how well an organization designs new compensation plans and assesses current plans, shapes how a present and possibly future employee views the organization. In this course, participants will examine the role of compensation in their organization's strategic human resources plan. They will review the key elements and practices of building a compensation plan that meets organizational objectives.

Participants will also consider how their organization can remain competitive, assessing whether their organization needs to lead, lag, or meet market average in terms of its compensation strategy.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Review current compensation practices and consider what total compensation includes
  • Assess how a compensation strategy must align with all areas of human resource management
  • Identify the compensable factors your organization requires to attract and retain key talent
  • Determine if your organization's compensation plan is market competitive
  • Design pay scales that suit your organization
  • Perform compensation reviews on difficult to fill roles

Past Participants Said:

"Excellent - very useful information. Loved the flexibility of the instructor to go with the direction of class interest."

This is a module in the Human Resource Professional Program.

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7


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