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Applied Mediation in the Work Place

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Applied Mediation in the Work Place
Learn more about the use of mediation in the workplace; develop skills and a deeper understanding of the mediation process.

Learn more about the use of mediation in the workplace; develop skills and a deeper understanding of the mediation process. 

The cost of unaddressed conflict is significant. It can result in lowered productivity and morale, increased absenteeism, and employee turnover.  Mediation, the process whereby a neutral 3rdparty brings two sides together for the purpose of obtaining a mutual resolution, is one form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can be used to manage conflict in the workplace. In particular, mediation can assist with problems between employees, performance issues, harassment complaints, terminations etc. 

This one day seminar will enhance your understanding of the principles and practicalities of workplace mediation, and how it can positively shift the workplace environment. A deeper understanding of the process will increase your confidence in preventing and handling everyday workplace conflict situations.  

This highly interactive seminar will equip participants with a thorough understanding of workplace mediation and the practical tools to manage it effectively. The goal is to give participants the opportunity to try different mediation techniques in a series small group role play case studies and exercises.

Below is the outline for this seminar:

  • Introduction
  • Mediation Process Steps
  • Facilitative mediation case study
  • Helping the thinking process of the parties
  • Solution-based mediation case study
  • The importance of perspective
  • Conclusion & Summary


For Individuals

  • Understand the different types of mediation goals
  • Discover methods for uncovering underlying interests
  • Understand why parties should consider their best alternative to a negotiated agreement
  • Reduce stress by finding agreeable solutions
  • Improve communication

For Organizations

  • Empower managers by increasing their confidence in their ability to resolve conflict effectively
  • Save time by having minor conflicts dealt with quickly within the organization
  • Reduce the costs associated with conflict by focusing on interest-based solutions
  • Improve teamwork by learning to see things from multiple perspectives

Who Should Attend

Business owners, team leaders, managers, supervisors.

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