MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Other Cape Breton Songs

Other types of song which are present but do not occur frequently in the collection are:
Fairy Song:
The authors of these songs may be fairies or humans affected by the trickery of the fairies. In the Scottish Gaelic tradition, we find many songs, which are often regarded as lullabies, that mention faires stealing human children. They caution against leaving children unattended, especially in territory that does not belong to the family, such as meadows or forests. Michael MacMullin's song is unique because it is supposedly a lullaby sung by a fairy, rather than a mother, who was intending to steal a child.

Sailing Songs:

These songs tell the story of epic voyages at sea. Common themes are naming the places that were reached or sailed by andcomparing the ship to a beautiful woman. most ssiling songs today are sung at milling frolics and are thus often regarded simply as miiling songs. For an example of a sailing song see: Eilidh Chuain (Helen of the Sea), sung by an unidentified singer,


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