MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Love Songs

Another common type of Gaelic song found on both sides of the ocean and well represented in the Leach collection is the love song. Although the genre may be related to earlier forms of panegyric verse, especially in the appearance of motifs and commonplaces, it must be classified by subject matter rather than structure.

Some common motifs in love songs are: listing the various qualities of a person, both physical and personality wise; referring to a person according to their hair colour (ie, "the brown-haired girl"," The black-haired boy"); and a comparison of the person's virtues with the beauties of nature. Masculine and Feminine compositions may vary slightly in motifs but are sung by members of both genders, the tune and quality being the two most important criteria in selecting songs for a personal repertoire.

A'Mhàiri Bhòidheach (Beautiful Mary)

Matheson, John

An Ribhinn Choibhneal (The Kindly Lass)

Unidentified male and female singers

Gaol an t-Seòladair (The Sailor's Love)

Morrison, Dan

Horo Mo Nighean Donn Bhòidheach nan Gorm-Shuil Meallach (Horo My Brown-haired maiden of the Alluring Blue Eyes)

MacLellan, Lauchie

Mo Chrìdhe Trom 's Cha Neònach (My Heart is Heavy and It's No Wonder)


Mo Mhàili Bheag Òg (My Young Little Molly)

MacIsaac, Angus

Mo Nighean Donn's Laghach Thu (You Are Lovely, My Brown-haired maiden)

MacLellan, Roderick

Muile nam Mòr Bheann (Mull of the High Mountains

MacIsaac, Angus

'Se Mo Leannan an Tè Ùr (The New Lady is My Love)


Tha Mulad, Tha Mulad 's Gu Bheil Duilchinn Orm (Sad, Sad and Grief Stricken am I)

MacKinnon, Alex


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