MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland Songs by Title (P - S)


(songs in bold have musical transcriptions)

Song Title Singer
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Paddy Backwards March, Alexander
Paddy Doyle Fitzgerald, Bert
Paddy Doyle Fitzgerald, Mr.
Paddy McGinty's Goat Houlihan, Jack
Pat Powers, Mrs. John
Pat McGuire Power, John
Pat O'Brien Kehoe, John
Pat O'Brien McCarthy, Mrs. K.
Pat O'Reilly Bulger, John
Pat O'Reilly James, John
Patrick Power (Parker) Williams, Charlie
Patrick Power Williams, Ned
Patrick's Day Myrick, Jack
Patrick's Day O'Brien, Will
Patrick's Day (accordion tune) Whalen, Mary
Peter Amberly Murphy, Pat
Peter Amberly Unidentified
Peter Hennessey Connors, John
Peter Street Noseworthy, Jacob
Petty Harbour Bait Skiff O'Brien, Cyril
Petty Harbour Bait Skiff Sullivan, Pat
Picnic in the Northwest, The Curtis, Harry
Pirate Song, The Ghaney, Mrs. T.
Plain Golden Band, The Kent, Mike
Polly Moore Myrick, Jack
Poor Old Man Cornelly, Tom
Pretty Polly Dobbin, Din
Pretty Polly Molloy, Peter
Pretty Red Wing (accordion tune) Molloy, Peter
Pretty Squadron James, John
Pretty/Fair Maid Milking Her Cow, The Murphy, Michael
Prisoner of Newfoundland (with guitar accompaniment) Primroy, Edward
Prisoner of Newfoundland, The Sutton, Joe
Prisoner of Newfoundland, The Rossiter, Monica
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Raffle at Kilbride, The Powers, Mr.
Ragged Coat Connors, John
Ram, The O'Brien, Cyril
Ranger, The/Bully Crew Powers, Mr.

Molloy, Mrs. Frank

Regatta Houlihan, Morris
River Driver Mushrow, Mrs. Peter
Repentant Sinner, The McCarthy, Mrs. K.
Rio Grande Cornelly, Tom
Riverhead Launching, The Davis, Nicholas
Roaming in the Gloaming Noseworthy, Raymond
Roarin' Fire Rice, Jim
Rollin' River Cornelly, Tom
Rolling Home Houlihan, Morris
Roving Gypsy Ghaney, Mrs. T.
Ryans and the Pittmans, The O'Driscoll, Clare
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S. S. Vesteris Sutton, Joe
Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter Powers, John Thomas
Sailor's Alphabet Reddigan, Martin
Sally Monroe Maher, James
Schooner 'Mary Ann' Sutton, Joe
Scolding Wife, The Knight, Jack
Seafaring Song McCarthy, Kate
Sealer's Song Houlihan, Morris
Seamus O'Brien Powers, Winifred
Seamus O'Brien Got No Place to Go (accordion tune) Whalen, Mary
Shabby Genteel, The Martin, Leo
Shadows of the Pines Kent, Mike
Shady Brookside Ledwell, Vincent
Shady Maple Tree Knox, Frank
Shamrock Molloy, Ella
Shamrock Molloy, Mike
Shamrock, The Connors, John
Ships and Captains Rice, Jim
Shoal Harbour Line Houlihan, Bernard
Silver Dagger Knox, Frank
Sitting on a Stile Rowsell, Mrs. Stephen
Six Feet of Earth O'Brien, Cyril
Slaney Side, The Duggan, Bride
Smelling Their Way Home, Recitation Cornelly, Tom
Soldier's Farewell, The Devereaux, Mrs. Betty
Soldier's Joy (accordion tune) Molloy, Peter
Soldier's Last Farewell Hartery, Marie
South Carolina State March, Alexander
Spanish Captain, The Maher, James
Spanish Main, The Coombs, Mrs. Ambrose
Spirit Song on George's Ghaney, Mrs. T.
Spirit Song on George's, The Critch, Pat
Squid Jigging Ground, The Sheaves, Mr. R.
Squid Jigging Ground, The Sullivan, Maudie
Squid Jigging Ground, The Whalen, May
Squid's Jigging Ground (Guitar / Harmonica Instrumental) Primroy, Edward
Squire of Bristol Martin, Ned
St. Lawrence Bay (Guitar / Harmonica Instrumental) Primroy, Edward
St. Patrick's Day O'Brien, Cyril
Stack of Barley (accordion tune) Molloy, Peter
Stand Up and Sing Ledwell, Vincent
Star of Logy Bay O'Driscoll, Clare
Star of Logy Bay, The Whalen, May
Stolen Grave Goods (story) Maher, Pattie
Stowaway, The O'Brien, Cyril
Straight Foreign Shore Unidentified
Sunny Tennessee James, John
Swansea Barracks Kehoe, John
Swansee Town Mushrow, Mrs. Peter
Sweet Forget-Me-Not Ledwell, Vincent
Sweet Gertie O'Brien, Will
Sweeter Than Flowers Hartery, Marie
Sweethearts DeWitt, Albert
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