MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland Songs by Title (G - I)


(songs in bold have musical transcriptions)

Song Title Singer
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Galveston Rose, The O'Brien, Cyril
Galway Shawl O'Driscoll, Mrs. J.
Galway Town Critch, Pat
Gay Spanish Maid, A Poole, Ernest
Gay Wedding Sutton, F.
Geordie (On the Banks of the Clyde) Luby, Maggie
George Alfred Beckett Mushrow, Mrs. Peter
George's Banks Walters, Gordon
George's Banks James, John
George's Banks Knox, Frank
Ghostly Fishermen, The Murphy, Pat
Ghosts of exhumed bodies (story) Maher, Pattie
Gigantic James, John
Girl I Left Behind, The Molloy, J.
Girl of Killie Kranky, The Power, John
Girls From Newfoundland, The Halleran, Leo
Girls of Newfoundland Hatfield, George
Girls of Newfoundland Molloy, John
Give Me Three Grains of Corn Maher, Pattie
Glen Gyle March, Alexander
Glencoe MacDonald, Mr.
Golden Hind, The Rice, Jim
Golden Vanity, The Maher, James
Good Looking Man Molloy, Mike
Grandmere Rossiter, Monica
Green Hills of New Bay, The Butler, Theresa
Green Valley

Molloy, Mrs. Leonard

Green Woods of Bonnie-O, The James, John
Greenfields of America (Harmonica Tune) Primroy, Edward
Greenland Disaster Duggan, Paddy
Greenland Disaster Rice, Jim
Grey Mare, The Whalen, May
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Handsome Harry White, Theresa
Harbor Le Cou Mushrow, Mrs. Peter
Hard Times Reddigan, Martin
Hard Times (Hard Hard Times) Kent, Mike
Harkin's Voyage Dawe, Charles
Harry Dunn Murphy, Pat
Hat My Father Wore, The MacDonald, Angus "The RIdge"
Hawco the Hero (recitation) Daw, Charles
Hearing Fairies' Voices (story) Maher, James
Heights of Alma, The O'Brien, Cyril
Henry Green O'Brien, Will
Henry Green Murphy, Pat
Her Sweetheart Ghaney, Mrs.
Highland Mary Knox, Frank
Hills of New Hampshire O'Driscoll, Lou
Hitler in Bits Shanahan, Frank
Hole in the Wall, The Curtis, Harry
Home from the War (accordion music) McDonald, Angus
Hush A-Bye Baby Molloy, John
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I Got a New Dress (accordion music) Whalen, Mary
I Just Arrived From Dublin O'Brien, Cyril
I Once Loved a Beautiful Lady Molloy, John
I Went to My Love's Window Williams, Ned
I'd Love to be a Sailor (with guitar accompaniment) Primroy, Edward
I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers O'Driscoll, Mrs. L.
I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day O'Brien, Cyril
I'm a Poor, Unfortunate, Miserable Man O'Brien, Bobby
I'm Forsaken for Another Ghaney, Mrs.
I'm Lonely Since My Mother Died Molloy, Mrs. August
In St. Giles There Dwelled a Lady O'Brien, Cyril
Indian's Lament O'Brien, Cyril
Irish Lullaby Devereaux, Betty
Irish Paddy Critch, Pat
Irish Sailor Boy Maher, Pattie
Irish Washerwoman (harmonica tune) Noseworthy, Raymond
Irish Soldier Boy Bulger, Mrs.
Irish Stranger, The Curtis, John M.
Irishmen All Martin, Leo
It Was Early One Cold Winter's Morning White, Theresa
I've Been To Donovan's Houlihan, Morris
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