MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland Songs by Title (untitled; A - C)

Untitled A B C

(songs in bold have musical transcriptions)

Song Title Singer
"As shot and shell were streaming…" Walsh, Mr.
"Come all you bad companions and listen unto me…" Rossiter, Monica
"My father was a sea captain…" (toast) Sullivan, Pat
"There's a pretty robin in my cherry tree…" Luby, Patsy or Margaret
(Gasker?) Song, The Molloy, John
(untitled accordion tune) to illustrate six different parts of Quadrille (type of dance) - all untitled. Whelen, Mike
(untitled harmonica tune) Noseworthy, Raymond
(untitled harmonica tunes) "Jig", two to illustrate first and third parts of a square dance, first part of a reel Kent, Mike
(untitled) Four harmonica tunes, square dance music, Off She Goes; O'Brien, Cyril
[...]  song, The Molloy, Peter
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Adam and Eve (recitation) Savery, Lewis
Alabama Blossom Lee, Mrs. Ned
Alabama Sweetheart Molloy, John
Alexander Sutton, F.
Alice is Over in Liverpool James, John
All Gone Conway, John
Alonzo the Brave Wm. Sutton
Andrew Davidson McLellan, John A.
Andrew Sheehan Pennell, Patrick
Ann O'Brien White, Theresa
Apple Praties, The O'Brien, Cyril
Arkansas Duggan, Paddy
As I Roved [Rode] Out One Evening Curtis, John M.
As The Ship Sailed Away From Ireland Houlihan, Morris
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Bad Companions Dunphy, Mary
Badger Drive, The Sullivan, Maudie
Baltimore Mushrow, Mrs. Peter
Bank Fishermen Maher, Pattie
Banks of Newfoundland (accordion tune) Whalen, Mary
Banks of Newfoundland (harmonica Tune) Primroy, Edward
Banks of Panama Maher, Pattie
Banks of Sweet Tralee O'Driscoll, Alphonse
Banks of the Clyde, The Swain, Jack
Banks of the Silver Tide Rossiter, Monica
Banks of Tralee, The Curran, Mr. M.
Barbara Allen Aylward, Gerald
Barney Sullivan, Pat
Barrel of Pork Duggan, Paddy
Battleship Maine Ledwell, Vincent
Be Home Early Tonight Powers, Mrs. John
Be Home Early Tonight Stamp, Mrs.
Beaches So Green McCarthy, Mrs.
Beggar, The McCarthy, Mrs.
Behind the Cold Iron Door O'Brien, Hannah
Best of Friends Must Part Hatfield, George
Best Thing in Life, The Rossiter, Jim
Betsey Kent, Mike
Betsy Bay Knight, Jack
Betsey Grey Swain, Jack
Black Sheep O'Brien, Cyril
Black Sheep, The Whalen, Ann(ie)
Black, The Pennell, Richard
Blackwater Side, The Knox, Frank
Blind Beggar, The O'Brien, Cyril
Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle (with guitar accompaniment) Primroy, Edward
Blooming Mary Ann O'Brien, Cyril
Blue Hen Noseworthy, Raymond
Blue-Eyed Boy, The Rice, Ned
Boatswain's Life for Me, A Cornelly, Tom
Bold Dwyer (no audio or transcription available due to tape deterioration) O'Brien, Cyril
Bold Larkin Kent, Mike
Bonnie Hills of Scotland Ghaney, Mrs.
Bonny Bunch of Roses Poole, Ernest
Bonny Carlo Knox, Frank
Bonny Hills of Scotland Kehoe, John
Bonny Hills of Scotland, The James, John
Bonny Irish Boy, The Curran, Mr. M.
Bonny Laboring Boy, The Maher, Pattie
Bound Down to Newfoundland Maher, James
Bowery, The Curtis, John M.
Boy Who Wore the Blue, The Carey, Mike
Boys from Dildo (accordion tune) Whalen, Mary
Boys In Blue,The O'Brien, Francis
Boys of Newfoundland, The Reddigan, Martin
Branch Hero, The Ghaney, Mrs.
Broken Token, The Power, Mrs. Bride
Bully Crew, The Powers, Mr.
Bundle and Go Houlihan, Morris
Bung Your Eyes Noseworthy, Jacob
Burglar, The (with guitar accompaniment) Primroy, Edward
Burnt Islands Insha, Stanley
Butcher Boy, The Fitzgerald, Bert
Butter and Cheese March, Alexander
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Callahan Sullivan, Pat
Canada Noseworthy, Jacob
Captain Howley Knox, Frank
Captain John McGuire O'Driscoll, Mrs.
Captain Larkins Curtis, John M.
Captain Power Molloy, Mike
Captain Spinney Critch, Pat
Captain Wholesome Sutton, William
Caribou, The Poole, Ernest
Caroline of Edinburgh Town Molloy, Mike
Carry Me Back to the Mountain DeWitt, Albert
Charles Augustus Anderson Fitzgerald, Sr.
Charles O'Neil O'Brien, Will
Charming Young Widow O'Brien, Jim
Cherry Orchard, The Rowsell, Mrs. Stephen
Christmas Time in Ireland Bulger, Mrs.
Christopher Robin (recitation) Luby, Patsy or Margaret
Church Cove Song Ledwell, Vincent
City of Baltimore Connors, John
City of Baltimore Hatfield, George
City of Boston March, Alexander
Claudie's Banks McCarthy, Mrs. K.
Claudy's Banks O'Brien, Francis
Cliffs of Baccalieu (Guitar / Harmonica Instrumental) Primroy, Edward
Coach Boy, The Findlay, Tom
Coaker (with guitar accompaniment) Primroy, Edward
Coaker [William] Song Knox, Frank
Coaker's Dream, The Rice, Ned
Cod Liver Oil Myrick, Jack
Cold Iron Door Coombs, Mrs. Ambrose
Colour of Amber, The Davis, Nicholas
Come all Ye Jolly Sailor Boys Houlihan, Morris
Come Love, Here's a Letter Hatfield, George
Coming Down to Jerry's With a Bucketful of Berries (accordion tune) Whalen, Mary
Convict Song, The Devereaux, Michael
Copper and Silver Knox, Frank
Councillor, The Myrick, John
Country Girl, The Ghaney, Mrs.
Coupon Song Ghaney, Mrs.
Cow with the Piper Sullivan, Aidan
Crocodile Song Molloy, Mike
Cruel Katie-O Molloy, Jack C.
Crab Song Poole, Ernest
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