MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Psalm 68
Dan Morrison CB 1 Tape 9 Track 6
North River Audio:
Psalm Precenting


Air ceann do shluaigh do dh'imich thu
A Dhè 'san fhàsach chruaidh
Chrìothnaich an talamh shìl an speur
An làthair Dhè nan sluadh.

Sliabh Shinai fèin tha daingean àrd
Croìthnaich is luaisg gu mòr
An làthair Dhè de Israeil
Tha urramach an glòir.


O God what time thou didst go forth
Before thy people's face
And when through the great wilderness
Thy glory marching was.

Then at God's presence shook the earth
Then drops from heaven fell
This Sinai shook before the Lord
The God of Israel.


Precented here are verses 7 and 8 of Psalm 68. The tune used is that of "New London," which first appeared as #446 in the 1635 version of the Scottish Psalter.

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