MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Tha Mo Bhreachdan Dubh fo'n DÌle
(My Black Plaid is Soaked)
Dan Morrison CB 1 Tape 9 Track 4
North River Audio:
Milling Song


'Dol a dh'eilean nan eòin fiadhaich
Cha robh duine riamh a'tamh ann.

Tha mo bhreacan fliuch fo'n dìle
Chan fhaodar innse mar tha e
Tha mo bhreacan fliuch fo'n dìle

'Dol a dh'eilean nan eun dubha
Cha bhidh mi subhach no sàmhach

Tha mo bhreacan air a mhilleadh
Aig na gillean anns a bhàta.

De feum dhomh bhi 'ga ghiùlain
'S e 'n tasg dhùnadh aig mo mhàthair

Cheannaich mi gun is crios guailne
Ris a chruadach bho mo mhàthair

'S tha mi nis a'dol a sheòladh
Air long mhor nan crannaibh àrda


Going to the isle of the wild birds
Where no-one ever lived.

Chorus: My black plaid is soaked
It's condition cannot be told
My black plaid is soaked

Going to the isle of the black birds
I will not be happy or quiet

My plaid has been damaged
By the boys in the boat

What's the use for me to carry it
My mother has the clasp for it

I bought a gown and shoulder sash
From my mother in my hardship

And I am now going to sail
On the long-ship of the tall masts.


See the notes for Malcolm Angus MacLeod's version of this song.

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