MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Cha ThrÈiginn FhÈin Mo Chruinneag Dhonn
(I Would Never Betray My Brown-haired Lass)
Malcolm Angus MacLeod CB 1 Tape 8 Track 10
Skir Dhu Audio:
Milling Song


De mar sheòlas sinn bho thìr
Is "guard" a rìgh 'gar cumail ann.

I iu o ho i ri o ro
Cha thrèiginn fhein mo chruinneag dhonn
I iu o ho i ri o ro

Fras peileir air mo cheann
A bhris a chrann is fionnagan.

'S truagh nach robh agam bàta
Dheigheadh air bhàrr nan tonnan leat.


How can we sail from land
With the king's guards keeping us here.

I iu o ho i ri o ro
I would never betray my brown-haired lass
I iu o ho i ri o ro

A shower of pellets on my head
That broke me up completely.

I wish that I could have a boat
That would sail the seas with you.


This popular milling song has been recorded in Scotland and Cape Breton. The theme is that of two lovers being separated by a sea battle being fought between the islands on which they reside. The verses which are sung in this recording are usually sung towards the end of other versions of the song.

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