MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
DhÈ Bhetel
(O God of Bethel)
Malcolm Angus MacLeod CB 1 Tape 8 Track 5
Skir Dhu Audio:
Psalm Precenting


Dhe Bhetel le d'làimh thoirbhear taic
'S tu beathaich t'Israel fèin
'S a threòraich feadh an turuis sgìth
Ar sinnseara gu leir.

Ar bòid 's ar n-urnuigh nis a tà
Aig làthair do chathair gràis
Bidh leinn o Dhia ar n-aithriche
'S na diobair sinn gu bràth.

[Each line is sung and then repeated]


O God of Bethel by whose hand
Thy people still are fed
Who through this weary pilgrimage
Has all our fathers led.

Our vows, our prayers we now present
Before thy throne of grace
God of our fathers be the God
Of their succeeding race.


The verses for this hymn which relates to Genesis 31:13, were first composed in English in 1737 by a Londoner, Philip Dodridge. In later years other verses were added by Scottish composers. The tune is that of “Dundee”, which first appeared in the 1615 Scottish Psalter.

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