MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

'Se Mo Leannan an TÈ Ùr
(The New Lady is My Love)

an unidentified Male CB 1 Tape 3 Track 4
Inverness County Audio:
Love Song


'S i mo leannans' an tè 'ùr
Bu ghuirme sùil 's bu chaoile mala
Tè cho math 's gan tig an gùn
'S an fhasan as ùire
'S mo leannans' an tè ùr.

'N oidhche chros mi 'n cuan an iar
Chunnacas neul tighinn air an àird
Solus dubh 's an àirde 'n iar
A deanamh dorochd fhùdair.

Dithisd a tha 'n diol a bhroin
Mi fhìn agus MacLeòid a' chladaich
H-uile tè dhan tòir sinn gealladh
Cha tòir balach gun dhìth.

Ged nach robh mo fhìn ach mall
'Sa sgoil dhannsa measg nan caileag
'S luath a dhìrinn bharr nan crann
A'riobadh sheòl 's gan dùbladh.

Dh'fhosgail mi'n dorus ga chùl.
Gus na dhùisg mi bean an tighe
Cha do dh'aimis mi air an t-sraing
'N am a bhi 'ga dhùnadh

'S cha do smaoinich mi riamh
Gun choisin mi mialachd càraid
Gus am b'fheudar dhomh bhi triall
'S an cuan an iar a smùideadh

Ged nach cuirinn bàt' air broin
'S iomadh seòl o'n deanain aran
Mharbhainn breac air linne mhòir
'S bhiodh dàmh na cro' 's a bhuthair

Dheanain treòbhadh dheanain buain
Dheanain bualladh ri la gaillion
Stiùirinn long air bhàrr nan tonn
Gu nighean donn an t-sùgraidh

Bheir mo mhìle beannachd bhuam
Gu nighean ruadh as àile sealladh
'S innis dhith ma bhios mi slàn
Gun tòir mi fàin' is gun dhìth.


My love is the new lady,
Of the bluest eyes and narrow brows
She looks very becoming in a gown
Of the newest fashion.
My love is the new lady.

The night l crossed the western sea
A cloud appeared in the skies
A black light in the west
Creating darkness

Although I was pretty slow
In the dancing school amongst the girls
I could quickly climb to the top of a mast
Lowering the sails and folding them.

I opened the door wide
Till I woke the woman of the house
I could not find the fastening
When l tried to close it.

Little did I ever think
That I deserved the accusations of a friend
Till I had to depart
And sail the western sea.

Two who are badly treated are
Myself and MacLeod of the shore
Every girl that we are fond of
Is rejected by others.

If I could not put to sea
There are many ways I could earn a living
I would kill a salmon in the deep pool
And the antlered stag would roar.

I would plough, I would reap
I would thresh in a storm
I would steer a ship above the waves
For the merry brown haired maiden

Take my thousand blessings
To the beautiful red haired maid
And tell her if I survive
That I shall give her a ring and gown.


This love song tells story of a young man who deeply wishes to win the heart of a young girl in the village. He says that he is clumsy and mocked on land but that on the sea he is nimble and heroic. He then becomes a sailor but in doing so, loses any chance of ever marrying the young girl.

The tune of this song recorded in Cape Breton is said to vary greatly from that which is heard in Scotland.

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