MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Mo ChrÌdhe Trom 's Cha NeÒnach
(My Heart is Heavy, It's No Wonder)

an unidentified Male CB 1 Tape 3 Track 3
Unknown Audio:
Love Song


Horo hi rithill a bha ho
Ho hi rithill a bha ho
Eireabh illean 's thog i o
Mo chrìdhe trom 's cha neònach

Tha mo chrìdhe brìste brìste
Tha mo shùilean sìlte sìlte
Nise sgriobh thu 'n darna litir "
Thoir na misneachd dhomhsa.

Tha mo chrìdhe brìste trom
M'àigne cha dean èirigh leam
Mo ghaol màraichean nan tonn
A ni long mhòr a sheòladh.

Chì mi soitheach air a chuan
'S fhada leam a tha i bhuam
Tha mi ann an do chas buan
Gu bheil mo luaidh 'ga seòladh.

Dh'èirich mi sin moch Diluain
Chuir mi m'aghaidh air a' chuan
Chunna mi 'coimhead as mo luaidh
Air bhàrr nan tonn a'seòladh.

Dh'èirich mi sin moch Diardaoin
'S chuir mi m'aghaidh air a' chaol
Chunnaic mi do bhàta caol
'S i seòladh aotrom bòidheach.

Ach nam bithinn-sa aig an aiseag
Peann is pàiper a bhi agam
Sgriobhainn dhuit-sa beagan fhacail
Chuireadh stad nad' chordadh.

Tha mo chàirdean rium an gruaim
Chionn an gaol a bhi cho buan
Gus an càrar mi 'san uaigh
Cha tòir mi fuath do'n òigear.


Ho hi rithill a bha ho
Ho hi rithill a bha ho
Rise lads and raise her (the sail?)
My heart is heavy, it's no wonder.

My heart is broken, broken
My eyes are weeping, weeping
Now you have written the second letter
Giving me hope.

My heart is broken and heavy
My mind will not brighten
My love the sailors of the waves
Who sail the big ships.

I see the vessel on the sea
It is a long distance from me
I am ever hoping
That my love is sailing her.

I then got up early on Monday morning
And headed towards the sea
I saw my love looking out
Above the waves sailing

Then I got up early on Thursday
And looked towards the strait
I saw your slender ship
It was light and trim as it sailed

But if I were at the ferry
And had pen and paper
I would write you a few words
That would stop your betrothal

My friends are displeased with me
Because my love is so long lasting
Till I am buried in the grave
I shall not hate the young man


The theme of this love song is very similar to that of Gaol an t-Seòladair (which Leach also collected, from Dan Morrison). The song is written from the perspective of a woman who cannot be with her sweetheart since he has chosen to remain at sea. The tune of tune and chorus used here belong to a much older song that was probably brought from Scotland, and have been used in several new song compositions.

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