Recruitment, Relocation & Support



Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to Memorial. We are thrilled that you are joining us and we look forward to supporting you during your relocation and throughout your career with the university.

Faculty Relations assists prospective and new full-time faculty members and librarians with relocating to Memorial University and settling in St. John’s and the surrounding area. We act as a central information resource on a variety of topics and can meet with you to discuss:

  • housing, real estate, moving and banking;
  • services and support for children including child care, schools,  programs and special needs;
  • services and support for elderly family members;
  • community facilities and services on and off campus;
  • career services to help spouses and partners explore employment opportunities in St. John’s and surrounding areas.

Not sure where to start? We invite you to explore the relocation section of our website.