SMA Form

Service/Material Authorization (SMA) Forms ensure that Facilities Management staff have the correct authorization to charge departments for chargeable services and the sale of inventoried parts. These forms are kept on file by Administrative Services after they have been processed by Work Control.

If part I (estimates) of the SMA is completed indicating that an estimate is required, the form authorizes Work Control to proceed with an estimate. Once an estimate is completed and part III (departmental approval) of the SMA has been completed, the form will act as authorization to proceed with chargeable work.

If part I and part III of the Service/Material Authorization Form have been completed and signed and the "estimate required" indicates "no", the form gives authorization to proceed with work which will be charged to the department.

When a completed form has been sent to Work Control requesting issue of inventoried parts to a department, Work Control will forward the form to Central Stores for processing. Central Stores personnel will issue the requested parts. To request Service/Material Authorization forms, contact Work Control Centre by calling 864-7600 or through e-mail,