Doors and Windows

Facilities Management will perform minor repairs to all doors and door related hardware, windows and window related hardware, roll-up steel shutters, overhead doors, and automatic door opening devices within user department areas at no charge to departments. Contact Work Control at 709-864-7600 or e-mail Information about keys and locks can be found here. Information about building and door access can be found here.

Drapery repair, maintenance and cleaning will be provided by Custodial Services. To request drapery repair or cleaning, contact Work Control at 709-864-7600 or by campus e-mail

The replacement of window coverings in classrooms and common areas will be provided by the Department of Facilities Management. The expense for the replacement of window coverings for spaces other than classrooms and common areas is the responsibility of the user department.  Departments will also be responsible for coordinating the issue of purchase orders and receipt of goods as per the standing offer agreement. Inspections of installations will be provided on request. For more information, contact Work Control at 709-864-7600 or e-mail