Plan Development

Memorial began the process of developing the Campus Master Plan with an open request for proposals. From this process, Brook McIlroy Inc. was been selected to provide consulting services for this project. 

The work of the chosen consultant is guided by a pan-university steering committee. This committee was formed to set out the parameters, principles and directions for the physical development of campus, including its buildings, landscapes, movement systems and general infrastructure. Details about the composition of the committee can be found in the terms of reference.

The project is now closed for consultation and the consultant is drafting the final plan.

Thank you to everyone who participated in a consultation session, town hall, or survey.  Your input has been central to the development of a comprehensive Campus Master Plan and will result in action items to guide change for Memorial University for years to come.

The plan is expected to be available to the public fall 2022. 


Visit our digital engagement website, Bang the Table, for more information.