Resources for Language Learning

News-based Listening

BBC Learning EnglishThis site is designed to help English students listen to the news. Weekly news items are presented for listening and vocabulary building.
CBC NewsThis official site of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation keeps you up-to-date with headline news and live radio. You can read the stories while you listen to real audio. Check out the large collection of podcasts on science (Quirks and Quarks).
CNN NewsBreaking news with transcripts and audio files
NPR - National Public RadioThis site has a vast collection of commercial-free podcasts from their radio broadcasts.
VOA - Voice of AmericaLearn English with audio and transcripts of news broadcasts at one of three levels. Highlights key vocabulary in each story.


Other Listening

Audio for ESL/EFLArticles that have been recorded with transcripts so that a student can read along with what is read.
English Listening LoungePractice at three different levels, complete question & answer sections, and follow along with listening transcripts. Exercises include authentic English language situations.
Internet Talk Radio ArchivesArchives of early internet radio broadcasts. Includes talk shows on telecommunication and history, live discussions, and other programs for English speakers.
TED TalksA fabulous collection of short videos of short speeches by famous intellectuals and designers. Transcripts in multiple languages are available.



English Pronunciation for ESL StudentsPronunciation tips on word stress and linking as well as exercises and tongue twisters.
English Pronunciation PracticeA set of interactive exercises to help students with their pronunciation.
Sounds of EnglishPractice specific sounds and word stress. Includes interesting pronunciation exercises and fun game activities.
Sounds of SpeechThis is a great site for showing how the mouth forms various sounds in English. A moving diagram demonstrates the position of the mouth, tongue and lips. In addition, you can hear and see a real person saying that sound. Requires Flash.



Academic VocabularyA student and teacher resource from the University of Nottingham that aims to help students learn Academic Word List Word.
English Vocabulary ExercisesA set of exercises on both the General Service List and the Academic Word List words.
Learn English VocabularyA variety of games geared at helping students learn new words.



English PagePrimarily grammar instruction, but it does contain elements of other areas as well.
ESL: Grammar and English UsageA vast array of activities from various sources on a variety of topics.
Grammar BytesInstruction and activities for English grammar.
The Writer's Handbook @ UW-MadisonA collection of instructional materials that were developed by the University of Wisconsin - Madison for its students.
The Writing Centre Resources @MemorialA set of resources designed to help students with writing. Designed for both native speakers and ESL students.


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