Our Instructors

Victoria Skanes

 Victoria SkanesBachelor of Education, Memorial University

Diploma in TESL, Bachelor of Arts, English / Linguistics Memorial  University

Certificate in NL Studies, Memorial University

Victoria was born and raised in St. John’s. She is an alumna of Memorial University. She has always been fascinated by other cultures, so working with international students was the perfect career choice. She has enjoyed meeting so many interesting people during her career and believes everyone has an important story to tell. She has a passion for food. She likes cooking (although, admittedly, she’s not very good at it). She mostly enjoys trying new foods that other people cook, especially spicy ones!

Victoria has been teaching with Memorial’s English as a Second Language program since 2003. Since that time, she has had a variety of roles in the department, from orientation coordinator to curriculum development. Her favorite role is most certainly teaching. She usually teaches in the 12-week intensive program but has taught pronunciation, speaking/listening classes, English Language Summer School, and English for computer and environmental engineers.

Jane Lockwood

Jane LockwoodBachelor of Arts & Certificate in TESL, Providence College, 

Lingusitics Summer Program,Trinity Western University, Canada

Bachelor of Education, University of Manitoba, 

Jane was born in northern England, but grew up in Canada in a household that often had guests from foreign countries. Consequently, she feels very comfortable being around people from other nations. In fact, she really enjoys it. She has studied other languages (French, German, Tagalog, Korean, and Spanish), so she knows what it feels like to be in the shoes of a language learner.

In 1991, her professional career started with teaching English as a second language to an Ethiopian immigrant who knew only a handful of English words. Since then she has taught adult students from South America, Asia the Middle East, and Europe; as well as Africa. During this time, she spent about two years teaching francophone business people, law students and medical professionals.

Jane usually teaches the core section of the 12-week intensive English program for international students at Memorial University and has done so since the fall of 2007.

One of her favorite movie lines comes from the film, To Sir with Love; in which the actor Sidney Poitier said, “You can do anything if you are willing to work hard.”

Justyna Carr

Justyna CarrB.A. in English Language Teaching Methodology, Nicolas Copernicus University of Toru, Poland

Bachelor of Education Masters of Education, Curriculum, Teaching &  Learning Studies, TESL Memorial University

Justyna was born and raised in Poland, where she completed her undergraduate degree with the goal of becoming an EFL teacher. As she was always interested in the culture of English-speaking countries, she came to Canada in 2000 and spent two years living and working in Toronto and in Quebec. After that, she decided to immigrate to Canada, and in 2002 she moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland. She completed two degrees at Memorial University - a Bachelor and a Master of Education focusing on second language teaching and learning in both programs.

Justyna has worked as an academic reading and writing instructor in the Intensive English Program at Memorial since 2007. As a former language learner and international student herself, Justyna understands the needs and challenges of her students and works hard to equip them with the language and academic skills that they need to succeed in their courses. She is particularly interested in teaching critical thinking skills in academic writing and also in teaching grammar.

Justyna has made St. John’s, Newfoundland her home, where she lives with her husband and two young children. Her passion for language teaching also extends to her home as she is raising her children to be bilingual. Outside work, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and reading.

Mark Picco

Mark PiccoBachelor of Arts (French), Memorial University 

Bachelor of Education (Intermediate-Secondary) Memorial University

Diploma in TESL, Memorial University

Mark has been interested in languages since he was very young. After obtaining his initial degree in French with a minor in linguistics, he moved to South Korea, where he taught English as a foreign language to students of varying ages and skill levels. After doing this for a year, he decided that he found teaching to be very rewarding, so he pursued and completed a degree in education. Shortly afterwards, he obtained a diploma in teaching English as a second language, thus enabling him to continue doing what he enjoyed so much in South Korea. He has been teaching English for academic purposes at his alma mater since 2008.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys playing pool, tasting different types of food, and keeping up-to-date with the latest Internet trends. He particularly likes finding ways to incorporate these trends into the classroom.

Nadine Adams

Nadine Adams

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics)           Memorial University 

Bachelor of Education (TESL) Brock University, St. Catharine’s, Ontario

Nadine was born and raised in Newfoundland. She was very active in the local theatre company. Upon graduation from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and intrigued by other cultures, she moved to St. Catharine’s, Ontario to study TESL at Brock University in hopes of travelling the world with her career. Nadine has backpacked through South Asia and many parts of Europe building her experiences for the classroom.

Nadine has been teaching ESL since 1992. Teaching in Newfoundland, Ontario, Alberta and South Korea, she was able to expand her ESL career. She has taught not only newcomers to Canada but also students with academic goals to study in Canadian universities. In addition, she has taught English in the workplace and English for Special Purposes. Her role reversed as she oversaw teaching practicums transferring her years of experience to new teachers. Nadine has been teaching in the Intensive English Language Program at Memorial University of Newfoundland since 2003.

Nadine’s passion for new cultures motivates her in the classroom. She hopes that students can take their own experiences to inspire them to be successful in whatever path they choose in life.

Nadine lives in St. John’s with her family. Both Nadine and her husband continue to share their enthusiasm for travelling with their children. She loves to read, cook and run in her leisure time.

Maureen Dymond

Maureen Dymond

Bachelor of Arts Memorial University

Bachelor of Education Memorial University

TESL Diploma, Memorial University


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