Student Leadership and Innovation

The concepts of leadership and innovation are inextricably linked. It’s not enough to be able to have innovative solutions to problems; one must also know how to implement those ideas, and doing so requires the ability to lead. Memorial University of Newfoundland is committed to developing both leadership and innovation in its students. To this end, it offers funding to students whose proposals intend to enhance student experience. Named after and funded by the founding dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, the Angus Bruneau Student LIFE Program was conceived to not only help the student community but also foster the leadership skills and innovativeness of the awardee. Instrumental in this program is the Student Design Hub, a facility that helps students in all stages of the manufacturing process. It is accessible to any students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and the quality of its equipment is equalled by the invaluable mentorship that students receive there.  

Many graduates of Memorial’s engineering program have gone on to start their own companies. In fact, some of these entrepreneurs began the process of establishing their own companies while they were still students! The Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship exists specifically for this purpose. Located in the S. J. Carew (Engineering) Building, it provides resources and advice for students who, like many engineering students, dream about starting their own