Mohamed Aziz Rahman

Mohamed Aziz Rahman

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) BUET, M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Dalhousie, PhD Alberta

  • Assistant Professor
Contact Information
Ph: 709-864-7837
Em: marahman[at]
Office: IIC1012
  • Energy
  • Image Processing
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Process System
  • Thermo-fluids
Research Interests
Flow assurance, multiphase flow, multiphase atomization, flash atomization, multiphase flow scaling, turbulence, pipeline hydrotransport, porous media flow

Selected publications:

Rahman, M.A., (2011) Scaling of Effervescent Atomization, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.

Jujuly, M.M., Rahman, M.A., Ahmed, S., Khan, F.I. (2015) A CFD Numerical Simulation for Predicting the Mass Burning Rate and Domino Effect in a Pool Fire, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Accepted, DOI information: 10.1016/j.ress.2015.02.010.

Sule, I., Obeng, C., Adedeji, A. and Okosun, A., Morshed, M., Rahman, M.A., Hawboldt, K. (2015) CFD Analysis of Hydrate Formation in Subsea Pipelines, Petroleum Science and Technology, Accepted, Manuscript ID: 994708, 2014.

Rahman, M.A., Amin, A., Hossain, A. and Fleck, B. (2014), Numerical Investigation of Two-Phase Nozzle Flow, Procedia Engineering, 90, 2014, 346–350.

Rahman, M.A., Adane, K.F., and Sanders, R.S. (2013) An Improved Method for Applying the Lockhart-Martinelli Correlation to Three-Phase Gas-Liquid-Solid Horizontal Pipeline Flows, Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 9999, 1- 11.

M.A. Rahman, F.E. Rodriguez Corredor, M. Bizhani, E. Kuru (2013) Near Wall Turbulence Characteristics of A Drag Reducing Polymer Fluid Flow In Concentric Annulus Using CFD, IMECE2013-65268, ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, San Diego, California, Nov. 15-21, 2013, IMECE 2013.

M.A. Rahman, F.E. Rodriguez Corredor, M. Bizhani, E. Kuru (2013) A CFD Simulation Study of Near Wall Turbulent Flow Characteristics in Concentric Annulus, The 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering, Nantes, France, OMAE 2013.

S. Rushd, M.A. Rahman and R.S. Sanders (2012) Analysis of Pressure Drops in the Water Lubricated Pipeline Transportation of Heavy Oil: Validation of CFD Simulations, WHOC 2012 - World Heavy Oil Congress, Aberdeen, UK, 10-13 September 2012.

Rahman, M.A., Balzan, M., Heidrick, T. and Fleck, B.A. (2011) Effects of the Gas Phase Molecular Weight and Bubble Size on Effervescent Atomization, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 38(1): 35-52.

M.A. Rahman, M.R. Islam, B.A. Fleck, D. Matovic, S. Sanders (2011) Scaling of Effervescent Atomization and Two-Phase Flow, ILASS-Europe, September 4-8.

Rahman, M.A., Islam, M.R. Fleck, B.A., Matovic (2011) D. Effects of Gas Phase Density on Effervescent Atomization, ILASS America - 2011, Ventura, California, May 15-May 18.

Ejim, C.E., Rahman, M.A., Amirfazli, A. and Fleck, B.A. (2010) Effects of Liquid Viscosity and Surface Tension on Atomization in Two-Phase, Gas/Liquid Fluid Coker Nozzles, FUEL. 89(8): 1972-1882.

Ejim, C.E., Rahman, M.A., Amirfazli, A. and Fleck, B.A. (2010) Scaling Analysis of Nozzle Size on Atomization in Two-Phase, Gas-Liquid Nozzles, Multiphase Science and Technology. 22(2): 133-155.

Rahman, M.A. (2008) Scale-up of Perforation Process from Laboratory Model to Bottom-hole Dimensions. Journal of Porous Media. 11(1):19-34.

Rahman, M.A., Gomez, J., McMillan, J., Heidrick, T., Fleck, B.A. (2008) Correlations of the Droplet Size-Velocity of the Two-Phase, Air/Liquid Spray Using a Particle-Dynamic-Analyzer, proceedings of the FEDSM 2008, ASME Fluids Engineering Conference, FEDSM2008- 55330, Jacksonville, Florida USA, August 10-14.

Rahman, M.A., Mustafiz, S., M., Koksal, M. and Islam, M.R. (2007) Quantifying the Skin Factor Coefficient for Estimating the Completion Efficiency of Perforation Tunnels in a Reservoir Wells. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 58 : 99–110.

Rahman, M.A., Mustafiz, S., Biazar, J., Koksal, M., and Islam. M.R. (2007) Investigation of a Novel Perforation Technique in Petroleum Wells - Perforation by Drilling. Journal of the Franklin Institute. 344(5): 777-789.

Research Highlights

Measurement Techniques:

  • Phase Doppler particle anemometery/laser Doppler anemometry
  • Particle image velocimetry
  • Piezoelectric impulse sensor
  • Shadowgraphy/flow visualization
  • High response pressure measurement

Fluid Mechanics:

  • Flow Assurance
  • Multiphase pipe flow(horizontal/vertical)
  • Wellbore hydraulics
  • Sand management in petroleum pipelines
  • Viscous and non-Newtonian fluid atomization
  • CFD on multiphase pipe flows/hydrotransport
  • Multiphase scaling
  • Multiphase flow in porous media