Dr. Octavia Dobre received President's Award for her outstanding research contributions

Jan 20th, 2016

By Jackey Locke

Dr. Octavia Dobre
Dr. Octavia Dobre received President's Award for her outstanding research contributions

The President’s Award for Outstanding Research recognizes young researchers who have made outstanding contributions to their scholarly disciplines. With her outstanding leadership in the field of communications research, Dr. Octavia Dobre is truly deserving of the award.

An associate professor in Memorial’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Dr. Dobre was instrumental in establishing unique wireless and optical communications laboratories in the faculty. She has secured more than $6 million in research funding, including a five-year NSERC Discovery Grant in 2013. Since 2013, Dr. Dobre has led a project in collaboration with industry partner Altera Canada to commercialize an optical communications product to significantly increase the speed of data transmission.

An active leader in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), she is editor-in-chief of IEEE’s Communications Letters, the premier international source technical content on the theory and practice of communications technology and was recently elected to IEEE’s administrative committee.

Dr. Dobre’s main area of research is signal processing for communications. Her research spans blind signal identification, signal detection, link adaptation, resource allocation, co-operative communications and network coding – all of which are at the forefront of developing modern communications networks. She is best known for her pioneering research in blind signal identification.

Dr. Eric Gill, a colleague in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, nominated Dr. Dobre and is thrilled that she is being recognized.

“Octavia’s commitment to research excellence in the establishment of modern research facilities, the breadth and impact of the dissemination of her findings, her extensive mentorship of HQP and her tireless dedication to service on research bodies locally, nationally and internationally make her ideally suited for this distinguished honour,” said Dr. Gill.

“Prof. Dobre’s research achievements are exceptional and enormously impactful, and her highly original contributions have well-known international reputation in both academia and industry,” said Hung Nguyen, Aerospace Corporation. “The dedication of Prof. Dobre to research excellence, her remarkable achievements in establishing research labs, along with her outstanding service to the research community definitely show her as a well-established international researcher and a well-deserving recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Research at Memorial.”

For Dr. Dobre, receiving this honour is satisfying and rewarding as it acknowledges that she has made a positive impact in her field of research.

“I am deeply honoured to receive the President’s Award for Outstanding Research,” said Dr. Dobre. “It is a privilege to be recognized by my colleagues and to contribute to the thriving research environment at Memorial University.”

Dr. Dobre also won the 2013 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research and the 2014 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision, two internal awards in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.



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