Fresh focus: Master’s program focuses on engineering sustainable energy

Apr 6th, 2018

By Jackey Locke

Dr. Kevin Pope
Fresh focus: Masters program focuses on engineering sustainable energy

With the world’s ever increasing demand for energy and a finite quantity of available resources on Earth, humans need to develop innovative solutions for the production and efficient use of energy – and soon.

A new master’s degree program in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial aims to do just that with its fresh focus on sustainable energy.

Joint offering

“This energy systems engineering degree will provide students with expertise technological, financial, social and environmental impacts of energy system engineering,” said Dr. Kevin Pope, assistant professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and program lead.

“Its innovative focus includes courses in energy economics and policy, fundamentals of energy systems and energy and the environment.”

The program is jointly offered by the faculty’s mechanical and electrical and computer engineering departments. The interdisciplinary collaboration allows the faculty to maximize its broad expertise for a cutting-edge, educational experience.

The program has two streams: steam A focuses on energy generation and utilization; stream B focuses on electrical aspects of energy engineering.

“Furthermore, both streams will provide students with state-of-art proficiency of the technological, financial, social and environmental impacts of energy systems engineering,” said Dr. Pope.

Dr. Pope says the MASc. degree is timely and significant because energy systems engineering is one of the most critical issues facing human prosperity and the planet’s sustainability today.

“Many of the world’s most important issues are connected to readily-available, high-quality energy, including food, water, transportation and overall quality of living.”

Forward thinking

The energy systems engineering degree program will give engineers the skills needed to develop more sustainable techniques to achieve energy production and utilization that is financially viable, readily available and environmentally friendly.

“Graduates of the program will be well-positioned for high-level careers in a variety of sectors within government and industry.”

More information about the energy systems engineering program can be found online.


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