Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mechanical Engineering. Check out the videos below for some exciting information related to our program.

Our students are awesome ...

Mechanical Capstone Design Highlight: The Matt Hat
(Winner of IDeA National Design Competition 2018)

Student Design Group Highlight: Paradigm Hyperloop

(SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition: Placed 1st in Canada, 3rd in North America and 8th in the world!)

Adam Keating, CoLab Software - NL Facts: Millennial Movers Episode 4:

CBC News Story

Student Design Group Highlight: Killick-1
(One of 13 student groups across Canada scheduled to launch their CubSat in 2022)

Benjamin Dowden is a graduate student and the leader of the Killick-1 Team.

CBC News Story
NTV News Video

Student Design Group Highlight: CSME Student Chapter
(Winner of the CSME National Student Design Competition 2017)

ALTUS Mark 1

Capstone Design Showcase: Myo Med Prosthetic Arm
(IDeA Student Design Competition 2018)

Myo Med Prosthetic Arm

Student Startup Highlight: BreatheSuite
(Winner of the Mel Woodward Competition)

NTV News Story:

CBC News Story