Music Education at the Faculty of Education

The Bachelor of Music Education (Second Degree) offered at Memorial University is unique and world class.


3 semesters

The program is designed as a 3-semester program (15 courses):

  • two semesters of coursework (6 music education methods courses, 3 education courses and 1 elective)
  • and one-semester school-based internship (equivalent to 5 courses) - pending applicant’s completion of pre-requisite courses 

K-12 Music Teacher Certification

The Bachelor of Music Education prepares graduates for K-12 Teacher Certification in instrumental, choral/vocal, classroom, and community-based contexts. This Teaching Certification is transferable as initial certification to all Canadian provinces and territories.

Diverse, inclusive backgrounds and musical genres

The program accepts students with a Bachelor of Music (or equivalent) degree. Current students and graduates have wide-ranging backgrounds such as classical, jazz, rock/pop, music therapy, and musical theatre.

Flexibly designed internships

The internship semester can be completed in Newfoundland and Labrador, Harlow UK (MUN campus), other Canadian provinces, and/or international contexts.

Collaborations and partnerships

MUN Music Education partners with schools, music educators, and local music organizations for enriched and experiential learning (e.g., Newfoundland and Labrador Music Teacher’s Special Interest Council, Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, Shallaway Youth Choir of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Singing Network, St. Bonaventure CollegeLarkhall Academy and many others).

Blended learning curriculum

MUN Music Education curriculum is designed to integrate theory and practice with experience and scholarship. Practical university, K-12 school, and community-based experiences are combined with academic research and writing toward the nurturing of professional development and readiness.


MUN Music Education faculty and instructors are well-known and respected leaders in music education, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Low tuition/cost

The NL provincial government continues to subsidize tuition, giving us one of the lowest tuition fees in the country. That means it is more affordable for local, national and international students to come to Memorial. In addition, St. John's has one of the lowest cost of living rates of all the capital cities in Canada.

Musical and cultural milieu

Memorial University, and the musical and cultural community at large, provide an amazing environment for making, teaching, and learning music. Opportunities for performing and engaging with exciting local and international musical-cultural ensembles and organizations are boundless.

Accepting applications

The Bachelor of Music Education (Second Degree) is currently accepting applications for enrollment.  The deadline is January 15th. Applications will remain open until all placements are filled. Please go here to view  Admission requirements 

Please Note:

The Faculty of Education has suspended intake of students to the Bachelor of Music conjoint with Bachelor of Music Education option for the upcoming academic year 2019-2020. For further information please contact the Office of Academic Programs.

Get more details about the music education program here.