Diploma in Adult Learning and Post-Secondary Education

This program is designed for learners who wish to build on their current knowledge base and skills. The Diploma will help learners develop new skills to assist them in administering and teaching programs for adult learners. Our students come from all backgrounds but share a common desire for enhanced knowledge and learning in adult education.


The Diploma in Adult Learning and Post-Secondary Education is a part-time program designed for learners who are currently working or have work experience that can be used to enhance their experience. The program requires students to complete 30 credit hours (10 courses)  in Education courses - 6 required courses and 4 elective courses. It may be possible to complete the program full-time in some cases.

Online or On-campus

All of the Diploma courses are available online. 

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission an applicant must have completed one of:

Programs and courses will be assessed by the Selections Committee for Post-Secondary Education.

Required Courses
  • ED2700 - Academic Literacies in Adult and Post-Secondary Learning Contexts
  • ED2710 - Course Organization and Development in Post-Secondary Education (AL,PS)
  • ED2730 - General Methods of Teaching in Post-Secondary Education (AL,PS)
  • ED2740 - Ethics and Professionalism in Adult and Post-Secondary Education (AL,PS)
  • ED3280 - Educational Assessment (AL,PS)
  • ED4735 - Practicum in Adult and Post-Secondary Education (AL,PS) Note: For waiver of this course please refer to Waiver Guidelines
Elective Courses* - 12 credit hours (4 courses) in Education:
  • ED2720 - Introduction to Post-Secondary Education (AL,PS)
  • ED2800 - Introduction to adult Education (AL,PS)
  • ED2801 - Adult Learning (AL,PS)
  • ED2803 - Educational Aspects of Adult Development (AL,PS)
  • ED2806 - Sociology of Adult Education (AL,PS)
  • ED3210 - Introduction to Guidance Services (PE,PS,AL)
  • ED3730 - Curriculum & Instructional Development in Post-Secondary Educa (AL,PS)
  • ED3801 - Educational Media (AL,PS)
  • ED4730 - Educational Programs and Practices in Industry and Labour (AL,PS)
Supporting documents required for Application:
  • Two (2) References required who can attest to your suitability to work as a teacher of adults.Referees' names and email addresses will be requested and collected electronically by the Office of the Registrar during the online application process. Referrees will be contacted automatically by the Office of the Registrar shortly after submission of your online application for admission.
  • Resume - To be submitted directly to the Office of the Registrar
  • Transcripts - Awarded certificates and diplomas, from institutions other than Memorial University are to be submitted at the time of application indicating courses in progress and courses completed. Official Transcripts, certificates and diplomas are to be sent directly from the awarding Institution to The Office of the Registrar, Memorial University.


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Can I complete the program requirements online?

    • Yes, all of the courses are offered in an online format. For advice about online course options contact the Admissions Office

Can I take the Diploma while working full time?

    • Yes, many of our Diploma students are working either full or part-time, and taking one course per term is manageable. Depending on your work, family and community commitments, students could possibly take more than one course per term. It really depends on the specific situation of each individual student and just how much academic work they can comfortably complete along with their other commitments.

Can this diploma be used for credit towards a Bachelor of Education degree?


* NOTE: The Diploma in Adult Teacher Education and the Diploma in Post-Secondary Education have been replaced with the Diploma in Adult Learning and Post-Secondary Education. For more information please contact the Academic Programs Office.