The Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies)

The Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies) program is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a variety of roles in informal and formal post-secondary learning environments (including academic, adult, professional, technical trades, and professional education, and student services/development). The program of study, which may be completed via on-line distance education, consists of courses designed to facilitate a study of post-secondary educational systems through an examination of their foundations, directions, organization, and administration as well as curriculum and instructional development options for occupational preparation and adult education.


Note: For the convenience of many of our students this program is delivered by distance; therefore, attendance on-campus in not required. Students who are studying full time are eligible for fellowships and other benefits of full time study.


Program Requirements

Candidates for the Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies) are required to complete courses that form the program core:

  • 6100 Research Designs and Methods in Education
  • 6801 Foundations of Post-Secondary Programs
  • 6802 Adult Learning and Development
  • 6803 Research in Post-Secondary Education

and not fewer than 6 credit hours from closed electives below.

Students holding the Graduate Diploma in Post-Secondary Studies (Health Professional Education) and accepted in the Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies) will complete up to 12 fewer credit hours dependent upon the chosen program route and the completion date of the Diploma.

Students on the comprehensive-course route must complete 6890 Research and Development Seminar in Post-Secondary Studies.

Students on the internship route must complete 6891 Internship in Post-Secondary Studies (6 credit hours).

Normally, students will be permitted to register for 6890 and 6891 only after all other course requirements have been met.

To meet total credit hour requirements students may choose courses from other graduate offerings within the Faculty, the University, or other universities provided the courses chosen are appropriate to the student's program and approved by the Faculty of Education. Students on the thesis route must complete a total of at least 18 credit hours; and those on the internship or comprehensive-course route a total of at least 30 credit hours.

Closed electives are those listed below:

  • 6804 Leadership and Human Resource Development in Post-Secondary Education
  • 6805 Advanced Human Resource Communications
  • 6806 Interprofessional Education in the Health Professions
  • 6807 Economics and Finance of Post-Secondary Education
  • 6808 Supporting International and Immigrant Students
  • 6809 Internationalization of Higher Education
  • 6810 Assessment and Evaluation in Student Service
  • 6811 Theoretical Foundations in Adult/Post-Secondary Teaching and Learning
  • 6822 Foundations of Instructional Design in Post-Secondary Education
  • 6823 Principles of Program Design and Development
  • 6831 Organization and Administration of Students Services for Adult Learner
  • 6832 Issues and Trends in the Administration of Post-Secondary Education
  • 6841 Student Development Theory, Services and Programs in Post-Secondary Education
  • 6940 Administration of Student Services in Post-Secondary Education


Minimum Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements in the general degree regulations, applicants must have:

Graduate diploma and MEd: Bachelor's degree (minimum second class or 70% average in last 30 attempted courses); some programs have prerequisites and require work experience

PhD:  Master's Degree in Education ('A' standing) or an equivalent Master's Degree from an accredited university; evidence of scholarly work; and two years of professional experience in an educational setting. An interview may also be required.

Important Note: The information provided on this website is subject to change. The University Calendar is the final authority on university fees and regulations.

Admission Requirements - MEd Post Secondary Studies

Note: this program is a distance program - attendance on campus is not required as all courses are completed via distance.

In addition to meeting the requirements in the general degree regulations applicants must also have :

  • two years of successful experience in working with adult learners is recommended; and

For the M.Ed. Post-Secondary Studies and the Graduate Diploma in Post-Secondary Studies (Health Professional Education) program, applicants must have appropriate academic qualifications and work experience in a health-related field.

Apply Online

Students are required to apply online to have information formally assessed. Applications and official supporting documents are due to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the application deadlines. Complete detailed application packages are expected by the deadline date.

Applications may be submitted online by following the process outlined at School of Graduate Studies-Application Package.

General Program Information for Graduate Students

Additional Notes Regarding Admission to MEd programs

Deferral Requests

The Faculty of Education, Graduate Programs Office policy regarding deferrals changed as of the 2015-2016 Spring Semester.

Students accepted to programs without caps on enrollment (Curriculum, Teaching & Learning Studies, Educational Leadership Studies, Educational Technology & Post-Secondary Studies), are advised that the graduate office does not accept deferral requests unless there are extenuating circumstances and supporting documentation. In such cases, a maximum of one deferral for one semester may be granted. Files will be kept for a one year period, which enable students to ask to be reconsidered for a competition within that timeframe at no additional cost.

Students accepted to the Counselling Psychology program (because of the cap on enrollment), under extenuating circumstances, may be

Confirmation of Work Experience

Students are required to submit an official letter from the school district office/employer verifying work experience. This letter should indicate total number of teaching days accumulated, as a minimum of two years of teaching (or related) experience is recommended for admission for most programs.

Please have this information forwarded to the School of Graduate Studies by the deadline date.

Educational Leave

If you are considering applying for educational leave in order to pursue a Master of Education program, you should first apply to the program. If you are not granted educational leave, but are accepted to the program, you can commence your studies on a part-time basis.

Note: Students who do not complete their programs in the number of semesters of their payment plans will be required to pay a continuance fee for each additional semester required. See School of Graduate Studies Minimum Expense form.

Dates and Deadlines

Programs of Study

Course Route - 30 credit hours
2 of ED6804/6805/6806/6807/6808/6809/6810/6811/6822/6823/6831/6832/6841/6940
3 Electives (relevant to program)
ED6890 (last course on program)
Thesis Route - 18 credit hours plus thesis
2 of ED6804/6805/6806/6807/6808/6809/6810/6811/6822/6823/6831/6832/6841/6940

Internship Route – 24 credit hours plus internship (total of 30 credit hours)
2 of ED6804/6805/6806/6807/6808/6809/6810/6811/6822/6823/6831/6832/6841/6940
2 electives (relevant to program)
6891 (last course on program – 6 credit hours)