The Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies)

Educational Leadership Studies is designed to prepare candidates for leadership in Education. The graduate diploma in Educational Leadership Studies provides students with an opportunity to explore a broad range of issues in educational leadership, policy and administration. It prepares candidates to assume leadership roles in a variety of settings, including school and district leadership, post-secondary institutions and policy analysis.

Program Requirements

Candidates for the Graduate Diploma must complete a total of 12 credit hours, including 3 credit hours from each of the following areas:

Educational Administration

  • 6204 Educational Administration: Theory and Practice
  • 6330 Educational Finance
  • 6335 Legal Foundations of Educational Administration
  • 6426 Computer Applications in Educational Administration

Educational Foundations

  • 6202 Social Context of Educational Leadership
  • 6410 Seminar on Philosophical Issues in Educational Policy and Leadership
  • 6420 Ethical Issues and Perspectives in Educational Practice and Policy
  • 6425 Comparative Perspectives in Public Education, Reform and Leadership

Educational Leadership

  • 6203 Leadership: Theory and Practice
  • 6321 Supervisory Processes in Education
  • 6427 School Community Partnerships
  • 6664 Seminar in School Improvement

Educational Policy

  • 6205 Educational Policy: Theory and Practice
  • 6440 Family-School Relations: Leadership and Policy Implications
  • 6465 School Violence: Leadership and Policy Implications
  • 6710 Issues in Development and Implementation of Special Education Policy and Practices

Transfer to the Master of Education (Educational Leadership Studies)

Students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma program may request transfer to the Master of Education (Educational Leadership Studies) prior to graduation.

Students holding the Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies) and accepted to M.Ed. (Educational Leadership Studies) program will complete up to 12 fewer credits hours dependent upon the chosen program route and the completion date of the Diploma.

All courses completed must satisfy the requirements for the Graduate Diploma (Educational Leadership Studies) and the Master of Education (Educational Leadership Studies) Degree.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to a Graduate Diploma program the minimum requirements will normally be:

  • a second-class degree in an appropriate area of study from a university of recognized standing.
  • have completed a range and number of courses in Education deemed appropriate by the Faculty and Dean of Education.
  • a minimum of two years of teaching/leadership experience is recommended.

A candidate admitted to a Graduate Diploma program, who has demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Faculty an ability to pursue research at the master's level, may be permitted subsequently to transfer candidature to that of a master's in the affiliated program area and will thereafter be awarded only the master's at the end of the candidature.


Apply Online

Students are required to apply online to have information formally assessed. Applications and official supporting documents are due to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the application deadlines. Complete detailed application packages are expected by the deadline date.

Applications may be submitted online by following the process outlined at School of Graduate Studies-Application Package.

General Program Information for Graduate Students

Date and Deadlines



Program of Study Graduate Diploma in Education (Educational Leadership Studies)

Must complete a total of 12 credit hours (4 courses).  3 credit hours (1 course) from each of the following areas:

Educational Leadership: 1 of 6203/6321/6427/6664
Educational Administration: 1 of 6204/6330/6335/6426
Educational Foundations: 1 of 6202/6410/6420/6425
Educational Policy: 1 of 6205/6440/6465/6710