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Tuition Fees and Structure
Please refer to the School of Graduate Studies document:

Minimum Expenses for Graduate Students

Recreation Fees
Off-campus graduate students do not have to pay the $40.00 per semester recreation fee. Usually this includes those taking Web-based courses or part of an off-campus cohort or doing thesis research off campus. Usually Banner will recognize an off-campus mailing address and a non-campus course registration and exempt students automatically.

Students taking even one course on campus must pay the fee but are able to take advantage of the recreation facilities.

Students not automatically exempted will have to apply for an exemption by submitting an exemption form. Completed forms must be forwarded to the Faculty of Education Academic Programs Office for processing.

Funding Information Sessions and Workshops
To attend grant information sessions and workshops (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, Vanier, Trudeau), students must register in advance. To register, email Gail Lamkin by the deadline dates indicated and include the scholarship name, session date and time.

Please note that each Master of Education degree program will require at least one of following routes. See specific programs for available routes.

  • Comprehensive-Course Route (30 credit hours of study),
  • Internship Route (internship plus 24 credit hours of study),
  • Paper Folio Route (paper folio plus 24 credit hours of study),
  • Project Route (project plus 24 credit hours of study) or
  • Thesis Route (thesis plus 18 credit hours of study)

For additional information on program routes, or if you would like to switch routes once accepted, please consult our curent students FAQ page, contact the Office of Academic Programs at Faculty of Education, or find the form on the School of Graduate Studies page

Frequenlty sought forms for graduate students
Departmental approval is required for the processing of any necessary forms (such as leave of absence requests, change of status, etc.). Please submit completed forms to the Faculty of Education, Office of Academic Programs.

Course Descriptions
Brief course descriptions are available for a limited number of graduate courses.

Textbook Ordering
Anyone requesting textbooks can order from the MUN bookstore. Please click on Text Books, choose the campus, term and program & courses then follow the ordering procedures. Textbooks are shipped to you.

Graduate Student Society (GESS)
The Graduate Education Student Society (GESS) was established to bring graduate students together, meet their needs, and establish a tradition of meaningful social and academic interactions. You can learn more about GESS by visiting their website.

Graduate Students Union (GSU)
GSU Health and Dental Plan for Full Time Students and “Opt Out” Information

If you are registered as a full-time student, even for one semester, you are automatically registered in the Graduate Students' Health and Dental Plan.

Please note: You must opt out each semester that you do not wish to be covered in this plan by the deadline date set by the Graduate Students Union.

If you continue as a full-time graduate student, you may opt out for a full academic year in September. Under the current system, you may be required to opt out each year.

Your financial record, available on your student record (registration system), may not accurately reflect the cost of the health and dental plan. Check your Tuition and Fees Assessment, AND check your Account Summary by Term to ensure that you have not been charged unwanted health insurance fees.