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Vol. 43, Nos. 3-4.              ISSN 0384-50-28             Winter 2016


In this Special Issue:

Challenges both to Deliver Rural Health and to Provide Health Education for Learners

Guest Editor: Dr. Tia Renouf


Editor's Note

Dr. Tia Renouf


Healers of Tomorrow

Tina Bankovic and Dr. Tia Renouf

Teaching and Learning: Simulating Rural Trauma

Tina Bankovic and Dr. Tia Renouf

Glutching,nish, and other idioms: Reducing misunderstanding and improving patient safety during patient-­‐clinician encounters in Newfoundland and Labrador

Dr. Sarah Mathieson, Dr. Bryan Curtis, Dr. Debbie Gregory and Dr. Marshall Godwin

Rural Community as Context and Teacher for Health Professions Education

Dr. Kedar Baral, Dr. Jill Allison, Dr. Shambhu Kumar Upadhyay, Dr. Shital Bhandary, Dr. Shrijana Shrestha

Rural Medical Education in New Zealand

Dr. Heidi Mayer

Teaching Near and Far - Broome, Western Australia

Dr. Christina Herceg