Dr. Sarah Pickett

Faculty of Education


I am an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Education at Memorial University in the area of Counselling Psychology. As a Registered Psychologist, I believe in the strength of research informed practice and a solid grounding in theory and I aim to not only utilize this in my own practice, but to pass it on to my students in the classroom. Through my engagement, collaboration and service with community organizations, I have established a strong academic foundation and take pride in my implementation of research findings in the community, for example, through my work as chair of the Sexuality and Gender Education Committee (SAGE) in the Faculty of Education. 

Research Interests
My scholarly interests at present are in the areas of 1) diversity and social justice (focus on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression) and 2) postmodern- post structural- narrative therapy- specifically with eating problems.


Contact Information

Office: ED-3012
Tel: (709) 864-4380
E-mail: spickett@mun.ca


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