Academic Programs Contacts

Office of Academic Programs 

ContactRoomPhone (709)Email
Martin, Mr. Garrett
Manager, Office of Academic Programs
ED2019 864-3403 
Aitken, Ms. Eilish
Academic Program Administrator, Undergraduate Programs
ED2020 864-3403 
Bartlett, Ms. Gennita
French Education
ED5003 864-6223 
Bennett, Mr. Gonzo
Instructional Assistant, Technology Education
Hammond, Ms. Fatima
Student Success Coordinator, Undergraduate
ED2020 864-3403  
Hunt, Ms. Tina
Student Success Coordinator, Graduate
ED2020 864-3402 
Academic Program Assistant, Graduate Admissions
ED2020 864-3403  
Lynch, Ms. Tamara
ED2026 864-3403
McHugh, Ms. Roxanne
Admissions Officer
ED2027 864-3403 
Mudge, Ms. Ireland
Academic Program Administrator, Graduate Programs
ED2020 864-3403 
Pike, Mr. Darrin
Coordinator, Field Services
ED2025 864-3403
Rideout, Ms. Jacqueline
Coordinator, French Education Liaison
ED3036 864-6923
Shortall, Mr. Dawson
Academic Program Administrator, FLAC / Workload Assignment / Course Scheduling
ED2020 864-3403 
Tuff, Mr. Jim
Consultant, Graduate Processes and Systems
ED2014 864-8262 
General Enquiries   864-3403
Admissions Enquiries   864-3403
Undergraduate Student Society   
G. A. Hickman Building
  864-3319 Room E3011A 
Graduate Student Society
G. A. Hickman Building
  864-3125 Room E3007C
Mailing Address:   Office of Academic Programs
Faculty of Education
G.A. Hickman Building
Memorial University of Newfoundland,
St. John's, NL  A1B 3X8

Research Staff, Special Projects

ContactPhone (709)Email
Cranford, Ms. Margaret
Relationships First - Restorative Justice Centre
McDonald, Ms. Sarah
Relationships First - Restorative Justice Centre
Ryan, Ms. Susan
STEM Research Project