We welcome a variety of proposal topics and look forward to receiving your ideas and submissions. Sample focus areas could include:

Historical aspects of teacher education. For example:

  • Moving from the Normal School to the Faculty of Education, the impact of wartime, denominationalism, women in education, the impact on political, cultural, and economic life in Newfoundland and Labrador, Indigenous education, internationalization.

Public interest and engagement aspects of teacher education. For example:

  • Responding to transcultural and newcomer communities, alliances and partnerships with Indigenous, LGBTQ+, international and French communities, promoting disability studies, building better education for youth affected by poverty, homelessness, and mental health struggles, building partnerships (NLTA, DOE, etc.).

Innovations and future directions for teacher education. For example:

  • Change in curriculum, pedagogy and practicums, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), emerging social movements, developments in technology education, the potential for future studies and forecasting, individualizing and personalizing curriculum delivery, highlighting ethical, equitable and sustainable issues in in teacher education, exploring Harlow experiences.