A Teacher

by Marie Dalton

Going to school many years ago
Oh, so different from today.
How I ever became a teacher
Is more than I can say.

Growing up I had this dream
Of what I would like to do.
That someday I would be a teacher
And make my dream come true.

Going to school in the 1940's
Was very difficult for me.
There were seven kids in our house
And I was number three.

I had to make it on my own,
Not much help from my family.
Except for my older brother
Who was always there for me.

He encouraged me to go to school
And do my very best.
Without him there to help me
I would never have passed the test.

So, I was quite determined
That each day to school I'd go.
Even in the wintertime
Up to my knees in snow.

Most of my friends who started with me
Dropped out along the way.
That I stayed in and finished
I'm so thankful for today.

That I became a teacher
And made my dream come true
But teaching in those one room schools
Was quite a challenge too.

Memories of those teaching days
Have brought me so much joy.
When I look back and remember
A certain girl or boy.

When I meet some of these students
Who are all grown up today,
They remember kindergarten
And some of them will say

"You were my favorite teacher."
Those words always bring a smile.
Just to know I've made a difference
This makes it all worthwhile.