First Year FAQs

Where can I find food on campus?

For a quick fix, the University Centre Foodcourt, and Engineering Cafeteria have a wide variety of selections. There are also cafes in the Arts [lobby], Education [ED 1018], Library [lobby], and Science [SN 1000] buildings.Bitters Pub, located at Field Hall, is a great spot to grab a pint and a heartier meal. Run by the graduate student union, this bar and restaurant also host a variety of events, such as Thursday Trivia, summer barbecue and Halloween parties.

Where is the best cup of coffee?

Jumping bean, conveniently located in the front entrance of the Library, makes a great coffee or cappuccino.Tim Hortons, in the Aquarena, is a classic Canadian favorite.

Where can I meet other economic students?

Join the MUN Economics Society! They have mixers and events to foster an economist community. Find them on Facebook @ MUN Economics Society, for all their fun events.

Where can I get help on my economics homework?

The Economics Help Centre, in A-3095, is a great place to get help from other economics students. Or just come on in for a quiet study space and to meet other students.

Where can I get some fresh air?

The courtyard located between the science and music buildings is a quiet space filled with benches and rose bushes. Long Pond, located behind the Engineering building, features a beautiful walking trail for when you need to stretch out your body and your thoughts.

Where should I workout?

The Works is a free gym space with a running track, badminton court, swimming pool, fitness equipment, and lots of great workout sessions for you to pick from,

Best undergrad events of the year?

MUNSU, MUN’s Student Union, always kick off the semester with fun events. Be sure to walk through the UC and see what free stuff is available! Find the calendar of events here.

MUNdays - organized around midterm break, MUNdays is a weeklong celebration of everything MUN. Pop up dance parties in the UC, BBQs, spirit parades, pancake breakfasts, and tons more fun stuff will be happening all around campus!

Economics Visiting Speaker Series

The Economics Department brings in established economists throughout the year to discuss their research. Great opportunity to meet people in the field and learn about what you can do with an economics degree. Find CARE on Facebook or CARE_MUN on Twitter to stay updated.

Best way to get to school?

MUN’s Parking Permit Lottery - at the beginning of each semester, names are drawn for students to win a parking spot in a designated zone. Otherwise, parking on campus can be difficult and expensive.

Metrobus is the local transit system, with stops all around campus, and an inside waiting area in the University Centre. Make sure to download the app so you’re never late.

Get a bike. MUN Bikeshare is a volunteer-run organization on campus that rents and sells bicycles. They also have a large inventory of tools to help you fix them!

Student Car Share - want a ride to get your groceries but without the everyday maintenance? Car Share is a great way to have access to a vehicle without all the hassle.

RideShare - need a ride home? Every weeknight from 7 to 12 on the hour, a van picks up students at the bottom of the clock tower and drives them home. For free!

Where can I find cheap used books?

Facebook group - MUN students sell each other textbooks.

Pro Tip: buy older versions of economics textbooks for cheaper. The pages may be different but the information is the same.

Paperback - a new app that lets you buy and sell used textbooks right from your phone.

QEII Library - the library offers a wide variety of academic and non-academic books for you to peruse through.

Pro tip: Some professors put their textbooks on reserve, so don’t buy your books before class starts! - online used book store. Takes time to ship but the prices are unbeatable.

How can I find a job on-campus?

MUCEP - offers a wide variety of jobs from every department and faculty. Postings are usually listed in the second week of class and are for 40 or 80 hours over the semester.

ISWEP - are like MUCEPs but are only for international students.

Should I speak to my professor if I have a problem?

Yes! It can be intimidating but office hours are meant for students to come in and ask questions about material covered in class. No question is too small or too big.

Pro tip: Getting to know your professor is a great way to make connections to find jobs in your field too!

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