Stratigraphy is a sub-discipline of geology that is concerned with the correlation of rock strata. A number of approaches can be utlized, drawing on palaeontology, sedimentological evidence for sea level change, geochemical proxies, direct dating of rocks, as well as geophysical correlation of well logs and seismic data. Stratigraphy is of fundamental importance to the petroleum industry for correlation of petroleum reservoirs, but is equally important to academic problems and field mapping.

The following faculty members undertake stratigraphic research:


Dr. Elliott Burden
Dr. Duncan McIlroy

Sedimentology/Sequence Stratigraphy

Dr. Rick Hiscott
Dr. Duncan McIlroy

Geochronology/Time-scale Calibration

Dr. Greg Dunning
Dr. John Hanchar

Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Dr. Ali Aksu
Dr. Karem Azmy

Seismic Stratigraphy

Dr. Jeremy Hall