Regional Tectonics and Geodynamics

A particular research strength of the Department involves the study of the architecture of Earth's lithosphere, the movement of continental and oceanic plates, the effects of their collisions, and the relationship between tectonics, metamorphism and magmatism, both in modern times and in the past. This involves field studies of modern and ancient mountain belts, sedimentary basins, rift zones, hot spots, and numerical modeling of the physical processes that formed them.

The following faculty members have active research programs in regional tectonics and geodynamics:



Archean Terranes

Dr. Toby Rivers

Atlantic Continental Margin

Dr. Jeremy Hall

Dolomites and Alpine Geology

Dr. John Hanchar

Geodynamic Modeling

Dr. Alison Leitch

Dr. Aphrodite Indares
Mediterranean Region

Dr. Ali Aksu
Dr. Jeremy Hall

Tectonics and Magmatism

Dr. Greg Dunning
Dr. John Hanchar
Dr. George Jenner
Dr. Graham Layne
Dr. Stephen Piercey
Dr. Derek Wilton

Tectonics and Metamorphism

Dr. Aprhrodite Indares
Dr. Toby Rivers