Graduate Students:


Jennifer Bonnell M.Sc (Geography) MUN

Co-Supervisors: Dr. Christina Bottaro (MUN - Chemistry) and Dr. Kate Edwards (Canadian Forest Service)

Program: PhD (Environmental Science) 2009 - present

Project:Watershed-scale biogeochemical indicators of soil organic carbon (SOC) transformations to understand temperature responses of boreal forest SOC dynamics

Funding: NSERC-CREATE and NSERC Strategic

Keri Bowering B.Sc 

Co-supervisor: Dr. Kate Edwards (Canadian Forest Service)

Program: M.Sc (Environmental Science)

Project: Dissolved organic carbon fluxes in boreal forest soils

Funding: NSERC

Keri Bowering

Doreen Franke Masters Diploma Geoecology Technical University of Freiberg (Germany)

Program: PhD (Earth Science)

Project: Discerning and Detecting Direct Anthropogenic Versus Climate Change Impacts Within the Humber River Watershed.

Funding: Humber River Basin Project (HRBP), Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Science and Sustainability (IBESS), and NSERC Discovery Program.



Carrie-Ellen Gabriel

Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Kellman (St. Fx)

Program: PhD (Earth Science -Dal)

Project: How stable is deep soil carbon?


Susan Hannan B.Sc (Chemistry) Saint Mary’s University

Program: MSc (Environmental Science) 2008-present

Project: Linking organic matter source to disinfection byproduct formation in drinking water supplies

Funding: Harris Center, MITACS, IBESS and NSERC-A.G. Bell Graduate Scholarship



Sara Klapstein

Supervisor: Dr. Nelson O'Driscoll (Acadia)

Co-supervisor: Dr. David Risk (St. Fx)

Program: PhD (Environmental Science)

Project: Factors affecting the transformation and fate of carbon and methyl mercury in wetlands



Lucas Kohl MSc (Vienna)

Co-supervisor: Dr. Penny Morrill (MUN-Earth Science)

Program: PhD (Earth Science) 2012 (May) - present

Project: Identification and preservation of lipiphilic biomarkers for elucidating microbial contributions to surface and subsurface organic reservoirs in extreme environments.

Funding: NSERC - Strategic Project and NSERC -Discovery


Lucas Kohl


David Lyon MSc (Kentucky)

Program: PhD (Environmental Dynamics) Arkansas

Project: The Impact of Nutrient Enrichment on the Cycling of Stream Dissolved Organic Matter

Funding: US National Science Foundation (NSF)-Ecosystems Studies and Walton Doctoral Fellow

Erin Mann MSc (Toronto)

Supervisor: Dr. Nelson O'Driscoll (Acadia)

Program: PhD (Environmental Science)

Project: Factors affecting mercury reduction and oxidation kinetics in snow and snow melt.






Frances Podrebarac MSc (North Dakota State)

Program: PhD (Environmental Science) (May 2012)

Project: Climate warming impacts on soil microbial processes in boreal forests.

Funding: NSERC - Strategic Project


Claire Moore-Gibbons B.Sc (Biology) McGill

Program: MSc (Environmental Science)

Project:The significance of terrestrial organic matter in DOM cycling in Lake Melville Estuary, Labrador

Funding: Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO)



Frances Podrebarac




Wyn Rolls B.Sc (MUN)

Superviser: Dr. Wade Bowers (MUN-Corner Brook)

Program: M.Sc. (Environmental Science)

Project: Invertebrate diversity and food sources along riverine salinity gradients.

Funding: Carnegie Canada and HRBP

Collaborators: Dr. Marilyn Fogel and Dr. Roxane Bowden (Carnegie Institute of Washington)


Graduate Student Alumni




Chris Choi BSc (Toronto)

Program: M.E.S. 2011 -2012 (Memorial)

Co-Supervised: Dr. Penny Morrill (MUN-Earth Science)

Project: Investigating dissolved organic carbon trends in rivers of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Nicole Dubond






Nicole DeBond BSc (Toronto)

Program: MSc (Earth Science) 

2009 - 2012

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Penny Morrill (MUN-Earth Science)

Project: Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic tracers for investigations of natural organic matter cycling

Funding: Carnegie Canada and NSERC Graduate Scholarship

Collaborator: Marilyn Fogel (Carnegie Institute of Washington)



Sherri Townsend B.Sc (Hendrix)

Program: MSc -Biology (Arkansas)

2002 - 2005

Project: Sources and bioavailabilty of dissolved organic matter in two Ozark Streams. NSF - Ecosystem Studies

Currently: Lecturer - Arkansas Community College



Byron Winston B.Sc

Program: MSc -Cell and Molecular Biology (Arkansas)

2003 - 2005

Project: A Coupled Biogeochemical and Hydrological Approach for Elucidating Transport and Cycling of Nitrogen Within Mantled Karst. USDA and USGS

Currently: PhD Student Arkansas Environmental Dynamics