Post Docs



Dr. Jerome Lagainere (UQAM)

2011 - present

Project: The impact of climate warming on the cycling and fate of soil organic carbon in boreal forests

Funding: NSERC – Strategic Project


Dr. Trevor VanderBoer (Toronto)

2012- present

Project: Analytical and field application of volatile N species in boreal landscapes





Dr. Chad Lane (Tennessee)

2008 - 2010

Project: Impacts of temperature change on carbon cycling in boreal soils of Newfoundland

Funding: NSERC – Discovery, HRBP

Currently: Assistant Professor University of North Carolina – Wilmington



Dr. Jianwei Li (Duke)

Supervisor: Sharon Billings (University of Kansas)

2009 – 2012

Project: Decomposition and formation of soil organic carbon compounds with warming in boreal forests

Funding: HRBP

Currently: PDF - University of Oklahoma