Kathryn Dawe

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Science in chemistry with a minor in mathematics at Memorial University. This summer I am studying organic nitrogen transformations in boreal forest soils. Approximately 80% of nitrogen in soil is organic and about 5-12% of this organic nitrogen is made up of amino sugars. Amino sugars can be utilized as biomarkers for tracking biogeochemical processes, such as the relative contributions of bacteria and fungi to processing of soil organic matter. These markers can be used to understand and predict ecosystem responses under changing climate, which is where my research is focused. Specifically, I am studying the distribution of amino sugars in soil depth profiles along the NL-BELT. In the past, I was a student assistant in the CJY group at Memorial where I worked alongside graduate students to extract flame-retardants from dust and cod liver samples. Additionally, I spent a work term at the Suncor Oil Sands Laboratory in Fort McMurray, Alta. where I tested Upgrading samples for particulate matter content, carbon content and specific boiling points.

You can reach me via email at: kerd41@mun.ca