BBERG Laboratory Equipment




Shimadzu TOC-V with TN detector

Total C and N in water samples


Lachat Flow Injection Analyzer 8100A

NH4+, NO3-, soluble reactive phosphate




Gas chromatographs with Fraction collector

Quantification of CO2, N2O, and CH4 and collection and quantification of biomarkers


Cary Eclipse Scanning Spectrofluorometer

Optical characterization of dissolved organic matter



Dionex Acelerated Solvent Extraction System

Extraction of biomarkers and contaminants from samples


Thermo DeltaVplus Isotope ratio mass spectrometer and Agilent mass selective detector interfaced to GC

Identification and stable C, N, H and O isotope composition of biomarkers


Gerstel robotic solid phase extraction system

Automated preparation of extracts and water samples for biomarker and contaminant analysis

Perkin Elmer Lambda 25 Scanning Spectrophotometer

Optical characterization of dissolved organic matter



Dionex ICS 2100 Ion Chromatograph

Cation, anion and organic acids in water samples


Savant centrifugation solvent dry down system

Removal of solvents from samples for analysis


Suntest XLS Solar Simulator

Photochemical experimentation using xenon lamp and water circulation bath for temperature control


Millipore Ultrafiltration System

Isolation of natural organic matter from water.