Alex Morgan

I am currently an undergraduate student at Memorial University, majoring in chemistry and minoring in mathematics. Broadly speaking, the interactions between matter and light fascinate me; the information one can glean from spectroscopic and photometric information makes such analysis an enormously powerful tool, and is only made more attractive by its non-invasive, non-destructive qualities. My work in the BBERG group focuses on the use of absorbance spectrophotometry to characterize dissolved organic matter (DOM) collected from different sites along the aquatic continuum, such as streams, groundwater, ponds, as well as water that passes through the organic soil horizon, which we collect via lysimeter. Specifically, my research involves understanding how the iron present in these samples interferes with absorbance measurements by forming complexes with DOM; despite the current application of photometric techniques to analyze DOM in both marine and terrestrial environments, this interference is seldom addressed. A particular question of interest is whether or not DOM collected from these different sites responds similarly to changes in iron concentration. When not studying/researching, I can be found tutoring math, reading and writing science fiction, or ballroom dancing. Also if you enjoy discussing philosophy or politics, I’m your guy!

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Faculty of Science Dean’s List (2010-2011), Memorial University

Memorial University Student Undergraduate Research Award (2013, 2014, 2015)