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Method of Course Delivery, Fall 2020



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EASC 1000 Earth Systems

Offer asynchronously with narrated power point slides and may be accompanied by picture-in-picture or videos and/or sketches

Labs will be posted in advance and include asynchronous components such as narrated power point presentations, videos, and photo arrays. The synchronous components of labs will mostly occur during the scheduled lab section and will offer additional explanations and guidance through exercises via Web Ex or Bright Space's Online Rooms.


Additional synchronous support will be offered via Web Ex or Online Rooms in the week proceeding the midterm and final lab exams.

Negotiable, but will likely include WebEx live meetings and Brightspace discussion board exchange

Laboratory exams will be administered during the scheduled laboratory time slots (but some exceptions may be made)

EASC 2030 Mineralogy

Offered Asynchronously

Labs will be posted by the scheduled day for that Lab

Scheduled slots will be used to introduce Labs and to answer questions synchronously

Instructor and TAs will both maintain online Office Hours

Timing of Office Hours to be determined once Course Enrollments fully established


EASC 2150 The Solar System

Asynchronous, with self-contained class presentations from Powerpoint, narration provided within files or through linked podcast (mp3) files.

Reading notes will also be posted, with web links as appropriate.

Not applicable to this course

Class time slots used for online quizzes, and for discussion/Q & A sessions in online rooms; hope to have TA host some other discussions sessions. Discussions with individual students by e-mail/phone/skype etc.

Learning exercises placed online; anticipate combined online quiz and short-answer take-home exam at course end.

EASC 2502  Introduction to Geochemistry

Offered asynchronously with pre-recorded narrated slides possibly accompanied by picture-in-picture and videos and/or sketches of example equations/calculations

Labs will be posted in advance and include asynchronous introductions to the material. Synchronous time slots will be used to provide support from the instructor and/or a TA on lab material and allow students to discuss labs and ask questions amongst themselves.

Negotiable, but will include WebEx live meetings and Brightspace discussion board exchange.

Use of the discussion boards to ask questions will be encouraged. Questions that arise during synchronous lab time slots will be transferred here for all registered students to view later and follow-up on if needed. Quizzes may be used online via Brightspace to test concepts.

EASC 2702 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Offered asynchronously. Narrated slides and drawing input with short videos explaining sedimentary rocks and processes in the field

Mainly asynchronously

1-2hrs in Laboratory timeslot Instructor and/or teaching assistant.


EASC 3172 Electric and Electromagnetic Methods in Geophysics

Assigned readings from notes and textbook (textbook available on-line via MUN Library); asynchronous viewing of explanatory videos; and synchronous classes.

Asynchronous viewing of instructional, explanatory, demonstrative videos; assigned computer-based exercises; synchronous lab session using Online Rooms for question-and-answer sessions and demonstrations.

Available on request, via Online Rooms.

Weekly online quizzes.

EASC 3210 Economic Mineral Deposits

Asynchronous, pre-recorded. Lectures will be modules for each mineral deposit type to be studied.

Asynchronous, calculation-based laboratories (i.e., using variables and equations to calculation various phenomena

3 hours per week (+ additional hours by appointment).

Discussion forums. Questions can be asked on discussion forums related to the course for interaction.

Course may include a term paper.

Reading and comprehension exercises may be used (i.e., reading of geological literature and providing 1-page syntheses of papers).

Online quizzes may be used to test content.

Mid-term and final examination.

EASC 3420

Global Tectonic Processes




Offered synchronously with written notes.

Offered synchronously.  Material will be posted and instructor available to answer questions.  There are two video labs.


There will be weekly online quizzes, and a drawing exercise every week.

EASC 3600 Environmental Geology

Offer asynchronously with narrated power point slides

Mostly synchronously with many labs occurring with live Webex or Brightspace's Online Rooms



EASC 3702

Lithification, Diagenesis and Sedimentary Rock Properties

Offered synchronously on Brightspace. Class-notes will be posted on the departmental class-note website before lectures.

Mostly asynchronously

2 hrs in the laboratory timeslot Instructor and/or teaching assistant by appointment.


EASC 4179 Digital Signal Processing

Primarily asynchronous

Combo synchronous/asynchronous depending on location of students and internet access

At least weekly either in a group or individually

This will be a compute-heavy course. We are going to use python-based tools to learn about digital signals in Earth Science. The plan is that you will do a combination of learning/reading/ watching background material I supply (some of which will be me talking and some of which will be from others explaining the appropriate content) and hands-on coding. The lab/lecture will be somewhat merged to accommodate this. My intention is to split the course into 6-12 short units and have each unit contribute equally to your final grade. There will be no exams per se, but you will give presentation or make videos as well as submit code for different aspects of the course. We will walk through the necessary technologies together to make sure that no one is disadvantaged by having less coding experience or poorer equipment.


EASC 4420 Tectonics and Crustal Evolution

Combination of synchronous and asynchronous lectures -> narrated video of slides, possibly with picture-in-picture of instructor speaking, drawing on slides

There are no labs but there will be discussions about the relevant literature. This will be done, when possible, synchronously, and otherwise will be by text using message boards in D2L.

1 hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and at other times by request


EASC 4620 Groundwater Modeling

Offered synchronously on Webex. Class-notes will be posted on the departmental class-note website before lectures.

Offered synchronously on Webex. Labs (all are numerical exercise) will be posted on the departmental class-note website before each lab. Lab time will be used to guide students to solve the lab problems. Lab reports are due at the end of each lab.

2 hours on Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm on Zoom by appointment.

All labs are numerical exercise.

EASC 4702 Sedimentary Basins and Hydrocarbon Exploration

Offered asynchronously with pre-recorded, narrated slides to be available on Brightspace. Lectures will be grouped into learning modules.

Offered asynchronously and consist of a combination of calculation-based exercises with Microsoft Excel, working with real-world geological and geophysical datasets to build basin models, and topical reading assignments.

Scheduled WebEx live meetings 1-2 hours per week and as by appointment as necessary


BIOL 2120 Biology for Students of Earth Sciences

Online, asynchronous - pre-recorded lectures, notes and other resources posted on Brightspace, assigned assignments and practices, and online exams via Brightspace quizzes

Online, to be confirmed, but most likely asynchronous:

lab recordings, files and assignments posted via Brightspace



Weekly office hours and review sessions ahead of the

exams, synchronous, to be set during some of the assigned lecture-time slots, but recorded for asynchronous viewing via Brightspace Online Rooms

- Brightspace will be used for news, posting course materials, interactions via Discussion and email; evaluation via Assignments, Quizzes, with results posted in Grades.

- Review sessions ahead of the exams: synchronous, set during the lecture formal timeslot, but recorded for asynchronous viewing via Brightspace Online Rooms