Undergraduate Students

 Honours Students:


 Memorial University

Catie Young (currently) Honors Thesis: Relationship between mineral and dissolved organic matter composition of boreal soils.Mary Devine (2011) Honors Thesis: The relationship between watershed composition and potential trihalomethane formation in Newfoundland water supplies 
Christopher Earle (2011) Honors Thesis: The influence of pH on dissolved organic carbon concentrations in natural waters.Michael Hamilton (2009) Honors Thesis: The photochemical lability of dissolved organic matter in the Humber River watershed

 University of Arkansas

Emily Spadro (2007) Honors Thesis: Inorganic and organic nutrient uptake in Ozark streamsKristin Mitchell (2004) Honors Thesis: Linking microbial community structure to its function in stream biofilms using a combined stable isotope labeling - biomarker approach.
Jennings Boyette (2003) Honors Thesis: Spatial and temporal variation in dissolved organic matter bioavailability among wetland macrophyte communities.John Barr (2003) Honors Thesis: Factors controlling microbial activity in a karst groundwater ecosystem

Student Lab Assistants:


 Craig Moulton Zoe Goodyear





Memorial University


Heidi Marks – MUCEP (2007-2008)Alexandra Roulliard (NSERC-USRA)
Laura Nugent – MUCEP (2007)Aaron Breiarty
Spencer AddieNic Capps
Brittany Tibbs WISE-2007Tiffany Lam (UBC)
Julia FergusonSarah Smith
Elizabeth FinzerChris Long
Owen MpediWilliam Penix

University of Arkansas


Jill BairdTom Milligan
Jennings BoyetteJulie Hamilton
Jorge CorzoJohn Petty
Emily SpadroErica Findlay
Trevil JohnsonJohn Barr
Lindsey ConawaySam Taylor


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